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Thread: The Unbreakable Will vs. The Brutalizer

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    The Unbreakable Will vs. The Brutalizer

    And no, I'm not asking which one is better to use!

    I noticed something about these two weapons last night, which got me thinking.

    [item]The Unbreakable Will[/item]
    [item]The Brutalizer[/item]

    Both weapons have the same Damage Per Second 100.3
    Both weapons have the same Speed 1.6

    The damage range on the Sword is 112-209.
    While the damage range on the Axe is 128-193.

    ...Why? I was always under the assumption that damage range is determined entirely by weapon speed and DPS.

    Which is partially true... Weapon Speed*DPS for these two weapons is 160.48, which is the middle point for the damage range on both weapons...

    But the sword has a larger spread (specifically 48.48 below and above the middle of the range), while the axe has a smaller spread (specifically 32.48 below and above the middle of the range).

    So my question is... Is there a difference? Would one be better to use than the other, assuming all else equal, based on the damage range spread? Or would it just even out over time (most likely even out).

    But at the same time - assuming one weapon has no damage spread at all (exaggeration), and guarantees the same hit every time.
    Compared to one with a really large spread, where sometimes you get really unlucky and hit WAY below the middle of the range, and sometimes you get really lucky, and hit WAY above the middle of the range. Are they really the same?

    Sure, after enough trials the one with the large spread will converge in the middle as well, but you can get unlucky and get a seriously long sub-middle weapon damage range until then.

    So yes. I lost track of what this post is about... Thoughts?

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    I would think of it like this:

    Sword is more of a gamble because of damage spread and more chance of not doing damage: the gamblers weapon

    Axe is more of a 'reliable' weapon, which will hit more often at a consistent amount.

    Interesting though, i had not noticed that difference myself. Anyhow, i'm still trying to think of a situation where you would use the sword over the axe as a non-human. Maybe when you are expertise capped lol?
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    On a long fight it would be equal. The difference is indeed that the sword is more likely to hit harder, but also more likely to hit softer. It's streaky. The axe is more reliable, but will not have the big-hitting streaks (or the soft-hitting streaks).

    It was something blizzard did to provide a difference between two weapons for people who have no racial bonus or weapon spec, while at the same time providing equal weapons for both humans and orcs, or for sword rogues and dagger rogues.

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    Rule of averages. After 1000 swings they will hit for the same average. Every now and then the axe will hit harder but it will hit softer just as often.

    Don't factor in the damage range when deciding which to use.

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    On behalf of the Warriors in Dominion, please for the love of Elune, just let one of them, either one of them, drop.

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