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Thread: Warrior Weapons

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    Warrior Weapons

    Ello Fellow Tankazoids & wannabe's

    I am a lvl 70 Prot warrior who is in a guild progressing kinda quick through MH/BT.

    (already 5/5 MH and 5/9 BT).
    I am a bit in "trouble" here cause i cant decide witch weapons to use in what situations, so i would like to hear your opinions about this : )

    Currently i am useing Mallet of the tides - Mongoose
    And for avoidance( boss fights, tough hitting trash etcetc
    cleaver of the unforgiving - mongoose
    I can currently get" the unbreakable will" " The brutalizer". but i am looking for some advises for whether to use and when TPS weap( with exe on i guess) Boss tanking weap( mongoose for more Avoidance) and a trash tanking ( ? )

    Regards. Another Dwarf Warrior

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    I'm in a not too dissimilar position with similar weapons, but I'm missing the nice T5 one you have =P. I'm looking at getting Brutilizer and whacking on a executioner enchant as a pure threat weapon, and replacement for a similar enchanted KD.

    I recently got UW and put mongoose on it as an avoidance (my QBOTP didn't have much tanky stats even with a mongoose) / mitigation weapon. The only downside is like with QBOTP I'm not impressed with the threat off it, even with the extra damage. From tanking Father Winterchill it seemed a significant reduction by a couple of hundred. What I have started to do is use my regular KD and build up decent threat, if I start to need to use pots & panic buttons then I'll swap the UW in, which seems to work fairly well, especially if I maintain a good 10K lead on threat.

    I do have a hunch though that if/when I get a chance to mug Supremus I won't use UW much and the advantage of a pure threat weapon, and fact you can improve stats elsewhere makes better sense (dead MoFo's can't cause damage...), or until I get beaten to a pulp.
    Former TBC/LK Tank
    Waiting for Dunmail Jnr to sleep to enable online gaming.

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