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Thread: Intercept resists

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    Intercept resists


    I got a pretty simple question, but hasn't been able to find answer to it anywhere.

    Can I reduce the chance of mobs resisting my intercept by stacking Hit? If so, what's the cap? Is it calculated as Taunt/challenging shout/etc, or is it treated as a normal melee hit?

    My problem is Illidari Council where we don't have any misdirections, so I have to intercept the paladin to pick him up... Works flawlesly unless he resists the intercept (damage, not the stun obviously). Almost all my resists result in a wipe since he go to one-shot someone before I can do anything.

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    The resist of intercepts are related to the resistance to stun...(binary spell) so there's not much you can do for it.

    Get a misdirect? ^^
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    I hate when that gets resisted. I kinda sit around doing nothing for a sec thinking I lagged, then I realize the guy I was trying to save died. then I realize he was my healer. then the party ist kaput. XP

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