Exquisite Pain is a GLBT-friendly Horde raiding guild on the Proudmoore Server.

Who we are:
The foundation of this group is a core of experienced raiders. We continue to expand our group with mature, committed, like-minded individuals who are open and accepting of alternative lifestyles and help bring the guild to a new level.

The guild has cleared TK / SSC / ZA / MH. We have progressed through BT up to Council, and we are currently rebuilding our raiding team. While the rebuilding is going on we are focusing our current raiding efforts on T5 (SSC / TK) but expect to be back in T6 (MH / BT) shortly.

What we're looking for:
We accept people of all backgrounds (male, female, straight, gay, bi, trans) who are 18 and over.

You will be subject to advice from class leads and so must be willing to take constructive criticism. You must be willing to learn new content (which means wipes), prepare for new encounters (which means coming prepared with knowledge of the fight, consumables, etc), and learn how to adjust (which means you have to be able to fit into the guild).

Our current raid schedule looks like this:
Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm PST
Saturday: 2pm - 5pm PST
Monday: 8pm - 11pm PST

Raid days may slightly fluctuate, but will always be posted at least a week or more in advance.
We currently raid 25-mans 3 nights a week.

Gear should be appropriate for T5 raiding content.

Please contact Exandeth, Gilvar, Furfang in-game with questions.

For more information: Exquisite Pain, Proudmoore Horde GLBT Raiding Guild