The World of Warcraft Armory

This is me logged out in my threat set. I'm currently in the process of putting in epic gems to most of my pieces. As you can see I've gone for 15 stam in every case except the tankatronics so far. I'm not sure I made the right call on the red socket in bonefist, I think dodge or dodge/sta gem might have been better, now. But, I don't think the difference is worth another 250g.

Given my gear, how would you gem the shoulders? How would you enchant the [item]Jungle Stompers[/item] that are going to drop tonight?

Is the T4 chest an upgrade on my chest or not? ([item]Warbringer Chestguard[/item]. I could win the dkp bid the next time it drops, but it seems kind of ehhh. I would however, get the two piece.

Would you pop in an [item]Eternal Earthstorm Diamond[/item] instead of what I've got?

Next badge pick is bracers. After that, would you do ring, cloak, or chest? I have shermanaar great ring.