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Thread: Reasons (Setup with a fury-warri)

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    Reasons (Setup with a fury-warri)

    Well my guild is raiding SW and last Brut trys were 1% and 2%. Everything should be fine after elimitnating the last mistakes.

    But our lineup for our melee group is:
    2 rogues
    1 Melee-Shamy
    1 Retri
    1 MS

    Well we have a fury warri, but there is no reason to take him instead of the rogues or the melee sham.

    MS dps: 1,3k - 4% extra dps for 2 rogues, 1 melee sham, 1 hunter, 2 tanks, a feral and the retri, battleshout

    retri dps: 1,2k - 2% damage aura, 3% raidcrit, 3 seals.

    fury dps: 1,8k - comshout or if replaced by ms, battleshout.

    rogues dps: 2k++

    2154 atp
    202 hit
    32.52% crit
    11 expt
    847 arpen

    how much could a gear upgrade increase the dps? what are usual dps of a btgeared fury. this fury does not have any t6 token and uses some t5/t4/badges stuff/few bt drops.

    1,8k dps is the brut 1% try.fully buffed, consums cds etc.

    So is there a reason taking/gearing a fury? what for? he will never reach the rogues dps and never does the support other classes/specs do.

    thanks for answeres.

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    EDIT: just re-read your post sry I misunderstood the first time I read it.

    Post WWS and we can reply maybe, but in my experience, a Fury warrior would be more helpful than the Ret pally for the group. Two warrs also give shouts that help your melee's survivability and dps. Pally just boosts DPS really. SO I'm leaning towards the Ret pally as a replacement.

    Does the Fury warr have Solarian's btw?

    PS he might not ever reach the rogue's damage output per second, but time on target, and time alive might be exponential improvements over rogues who can die nasty, squishy deaths. All things being equal though, I really haven't raided at that level yet, so these are just gut thoughts.
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