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Thread: Another Enchant Question

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    Another Enchant Question

    I'll admit it, I'm too lazy to sort through pages and pages of threads to find the one I want. So here's my issue.

    I've got the Mallet of Tides with Mongoose and I just got the Brutalizer last night. I'm thinking go with executioner on that for my threat set and keep the Mallet around for the avoidance set.

    There's not a ton of difference between the two weapons otherwise. Keeping the Mallet for avoidance would simply be because it already has Mongoose.

    So the question is, have the Brutalizer replace the Mallet totally with another Mongoose enchant, or put executioner on it and use it for threat?

    I'd link my armory for the other stats, but apparently I logged out in DPS gear.

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    Brutalizer is a beast of a threat weapon, i'd say enchant it for its strength, and if you REALLY need avoidance from mongoose that badly, i'd look elsewhere in your gear. This weapon should be your threat piece, the rest can be your survival pieces.

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