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Thread: T4 vs Eternium & Meta Gem Choice

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    T4 vs Eternium & Meta Gem Choice

    Ok, so the other day, the T4 helmet from Prince finally dropped for me. I was all set to slap in the +10% shield block meta & +stam gem.. when I realized I needed a yellow gem for the meta to activate. It was late that night, so I figured I'll do it the next day...

    So at work the next day, I start thinking about this helmet. That's when I ask if my original plan was really the best plan. I post on wow warrior forums about it.. and I'm getting mixed replies. I figured I'll try here too just to get more input so I can make a decision. To summarize what's already been discussed...

    My question boils down to these options (and which I should pick):
    (1) Gem T4 w/ Stamina meta gem and use it full time in place of Eternium
    (2) Gem T4 w/ +% Block meta gem and use it as an threat/trash helmet
    (2a) Do the above, but use Eternium for boss fights (for the EH)
    (2b) Do the above, but use T4 for boss fights

    From the WoW Forums, I currently have 3 people supporting #1, 3 people supporting #2b, and 1 supporting #2a. In other words, mixed opinions.

    Lets explain what I do tank at the moment, and if I tank something different, if it'll make a difference.

    At the moment, I'm not in a serious raiding guild, so we do Kara once a week (full clear) and various heroics. Every 2-3 weeks, we run into ZA and down 3 of the bosses (with me as MT). We keep intending to do/try 4... but the people who are gear'd are across multiple time zones, and someone always has to leave.

    So.. given what I currently tank, perhaps the +10% block value would be better? Since most of it is 'farm' essentially. However, at the same time, I am looking to join a more serious raiding guild and such, so in those cases, would the EH from a stam meta gem be more beneficial? Is this a 'case by case' scenario more or less, or something with a universal winner?

    PS The post I made on wow forums can be found:
    WoW Forums -> Eternium Greathelm or T4 Helmet?

    PSS I, unfortunately, am logged out in my 'dps' gear since I was doing dailies. I wanted to log out in tank gear.. but Nightfall battlegroup was down for hours last night, and I had to go to bed before switching. A quick summary of gear would be: Eternium/T4 Helmet, SSO Neck, Netherspite shoulders, 2.4 Badge Chest, Badge Wrist, Iron Maiden Hands, 2.4 Badge Waist, Curator Legs, those Elusion shoes, badge ring, violet protector (exalted one), shard of contempt, moroes pocket watch (haven't gotten the tank trinket from MgT to drop yet), inuuro's sword (king's defender & sun eater... right. it's been 3+ months now, and not yet), SSO shield (Nightbane doesn't like showing his shield anyway, and SSO one is still pretty good).

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    T4 with the block meta for all situations i find. with a green def/stam gem to activate the mate. The 18 stam is now obsolete unless you need a tiny beit more EH, which is unlikley if you can farm kara as you will have badge gear. I got rid of the eternium asap, and witht the new meta replaces the 18 stam one asap aswell.

    the avoidance and the 10% SBVs threat is much better than the stam for for nearly everything.



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