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Thread: Macros and interface lag

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    Macros and interface lag

    I'm wondering if this is my imagination, or if there is actually some lag or delay produced by adding lines in a macro to a commonly used ability.

    My examples

    Devastate (So i can remove my 'attack' button and have Devstate as #1)

    #showtooltip Devastate
    /startattack [harm,nodead]
    /cast Devastate

    Shield Slam (Stolen from Xav)

    #showtooltip Shield Slam
    /use Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600
    /cast Shield Slam
    /cancelaura Blessing of Salvation
    /cancelaura Greater Blessing of Salvation
    /cancelaura Blessing of Protection

    The plain abilities at times feel smoother. Barking at the wind?
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    can somone post some prot war macros please

    The other day i had a friend sit in shatt with me for like 2 hours passing macros to me then .... just my luck a storms commin in and before i could log , powers out and lost all macros ..... so if anyone could post <stance dance> ect. ect. would be very helpfull . tyvm =)

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