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Thread: According to the Raid Zone Minimums chart

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    According to the Raid Zone Minimums chart

    Buffed I have over 60k EH, but my avoidance is super super low.

    If I fall at the top end on EH but the middle on Avoidance, where should I be as far as progression. My avoidance is around 48% *cringes*

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    You sure you're calculating avoidance properly? Dodge + Parry + Chance to be Missed. You can see the last stat out of game at this site:


    If you have gear to get you to 60K EH I doubt your avoidance is that low.

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    It's easy to get to 60k EH buffed and only have 48% avoidance. 20% dodge, 15% parry, 490def gives you about that.

    Badge gear gemmed with all +12/15sta will get you to 60k EH easy. I only have around 52 or 53% avoidance and I hit 21k hp/18k armor (can get it higher depending on group makeup), and I'm not full-on stamina.

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