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Thread: Rage Dumping

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    Rage Dumping

    I have a question that is probably stupid, but I have read over and over to H.S. when your over 50 or 60 rage, my question is why?

    I do it, because that's what I read, but is there some kind of penalty for having more rage, or is it just a 'magical number' to help increase TPS?

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    If you hit 100 rage...rage is going to waste. Rage that could be turned into threat by using Heroic Strike.

    Activating heroic strike above 50-60 rage is an attempt to prevent that rage from going to waste.
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    If you start queuing HS at 30 rage then you won't have rage to execute your cycle.

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    Heroic Strike increases your threat and damage.

    Plus the "wasted rage" topic already discussed; 90% of the rage you take in can be converted to threat (the other 10% keeps shield block up). Damage done by your DPS classes is based on how much threat you do; the more threat you do, the more DPS your warlocks/rogues/mages can do in return. If you are over 50 rage, that means you're taking in more rage than you're using; heroic strike offsets that.

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