<Eternal Damnation> is a new PvE raiding guild that is focused on maintaining a positive environment in raids that allows players to improve. We also have a casual portion of the guild meant for people who want to have fun and raid occasionally and contribute to other aspects outside of raiding. We expect all members to be social, as it is one of the main reasons this game exists.

Our leadership is comprised of players who have experience raiding at all levels and are looking to create an environment that will allow all members to improve and excel at raiding. We will pull fast! We want to do everything with speed and efficiency, so we don’t waste the time we have to raid.

We’re not a strict guild, but we ask that our raiders be receptive to constructive criticism, as there will be a lot of it coming your way. We want all members to improve, officers to trial members. Everyone is expected to bring their best to every raid and to do the best they can to make the raid better as a whole.

If you think this is what you are looking for, I'd encourage you to apply on our website's forums. Eternal Damnation of Shattered Hand