Hello !

I'm arms (33/28/0) (PvE, Blood Frenzy imp slam)

I managed to get hit capped, my crit is around 29 % at the moment and I have around 1340 ap unbuffed

Our guild just started doing 25 mans, Gruuls, Mag, we plan on trying SSC next week

I'm slowly getting badges (I can't attend all raids every week, wife would aggro)

Hence I can't really wait until I get 60 or 75 + badges for a single item, it would take too much time. 60 if it we REALLY REALLY worth it over upgrading an item now.

I still have some "blues" Mask of veiled death (which I plan on replacing with S3 helm as soon as I have the points for that), Fel Leather Gloves (Possible upgrades via badges mostly), Ragesteel Shoulders, Slayer's Mark of Redemption

I know I can't trust maxdps.com for ALL my gear choices, but I used it to cover the basis of what I wear.

Now the big question : What should I upgrade ? Gloves, Wrist, ring, something else ?

here is my armory :

The World of Warcraft Armory

Thanks !