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Thread: 2 Questions in 1 post (Enchant / badge loot)

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    2 Questions in 1 post (Enchant / badge loot)

    Hi there

    i'm a 10 man raiding warrior tank wondering what to get next through badges

    currently got 38 badges

    my armory link : The World of Warcraft Armory

    and today i got Quickening Blade of the Prince - Item - World of Warcraft should i enchant it with executioner and use it as a threat wep? considering that i got King's Defender with mongoose

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    The best immidate upgrade for the amount of badges you have would be [item]bracers of the ancient phalanx[/item] 35 badges I do belive.

    I would use KD w/ goose until you get mallet of the tides.
    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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