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Thread: Need advice on my gear please

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    Need advice on my gear please

    Hi, I'm going to be tanking in Kara for the first time tommorow and i would like feed back on my current spec and gear (should i gem differently)

    I prefer not to put expensive enchants on blues but will do if i have to.

    Any help will be appreciated

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    Your stamina makes me cry, first time I went into Kara I was under 11k. Spec looks pretty much perfect and gear not bad, am sure some people will moan about some of the gem choices, but I'm not going to split hairs. Biggest thing I'd suggest you do is get some clefthoof leg patches for the legs, not necessarily the one that needs a nether but the other one, as you'll have those legs until Curator (although if you're joining a current farming kara run that might not be too long).
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    I think you'll be fine, have fun!

    Only notes I would say (and these are preference) are some ppl swear by Inuuro's Blade (the new rep weapon from SSO) over Grom'tor's. I personally used Grom'tor'rs until I got Sun Eater, and considering the long ass quest line you have to do to get Grom'tor's, I can understand the reluctance to give it up, just wanted to throw that out there. I would think about picking up teh SSO Exalted shield as well. Keep the S2 shield for your EH set, but the SSO has great stats on it and beats any shield you'll pull from Kara.

    I personally think Imp Shield Bash is useless. If you get stuff on farm and have threat problems, I might considering moving points from that to Imp Heroic Strike.

    Did you gem the way I would have? No. But if it works, it works. I will tell you that expertise is twice as valuable as hit for increasing your threat before you cap dodge, so as you acquire badge gear, all your numbers + your threat will improve becuse so much of that stuff has expertise on it (bracers, leggings, chest, for example). Surviviability is the #1 goal so if you are having trouble with that, remove the hit gems for stamina (my prefernce) or defense or dodge gems. But as your gear improves (epic drops, badge), hit rating will come naturally on the gear, plus teh gear itself wil lbe supercharged with avoidance numbers. Your HP is actually excellent for just starting Kara as Shorty said so congrats on that.

    How far into Kara are you planning to go? Prince may be tricky because of your avoidance, but if you get some flasks or consumables and your group is competent (especially if your group is competent), you'll be fine. With only a couple exceptions (Prince in phase 3, Curator), the boss fights are about solid execution so just play smart as a group.


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    Thank You for the feedback, I have replaced the red gems with +8 dodge gems and put on the leg enchant. I'm 3k honour away from the s2 shoulders so i will get them and put another 2 +8 dodge on them that will get my dodge up to about 19.6% i think and i'll work on getting the aldor shoulder enchant for them. That should get me over the 20% mark.

    Imp shield ? yeah was looking at that and was toying with the idea of picking up anger management. I do get raged starved in the normals and its not too bad in the few heriocs i've done. (mainly been doing the normals to get our new healer geared up, he is at 1200+ heals now so we can start on more heriocs)

    Yeah i like those SSO buys and started working towards them.

    Iv'e only been 70 for a lil over a week and the funds have dried up so i'll have to grind for the aldor rep

    I'm in a newly formed guild so kara is far from on farm, it will be fun getting firsts and gearing up together.

    Thanks again for the tips, i'm feeling alot more confident in my set up.
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