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Thread: Wow, great site...

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    Wow, great site...

    I stumbled upon this site from the wowhead warrior forums and have enjoyed reading it very much.

    Do you think my guy can go into ZA as an offtank?

    Armory Lite for Weckin of Lightninghoof

    I've only been in KZ one time with this char and all I got was the Nightbane shield. I wanted to see if I could skip the whole hoping my tanking gear drops KZ grind. That being said, the SSO shield looks much better for overall avoidance so I might switch that out for boss fights. The only other piece of gear that I have that I switch out on boss fights is the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer - Item - World of Warcraft (with the def/stam gem) for more stam and a bit more def. I do have the S2 axe (2.6 speed) with executioner that I have been using for threat. I just hit exalted yesterday with Thrallmar so I bought the tanking axe. Haven't tanked anything with it yet so I'm not sure if my TPS will suffer or not.

    I have 68 badges saved up right now from running 2 heroics a day (1 being the daily). I usually have pretty good success in them and sometimes even outdps the crappy PUG mage/lock (they're good for CC-ing I guess)! I was thinking about the 2.4 belt but I'm thinking the Sunguard legs might be a better option for me. So, that would be a few days away.

    Thanks in advance.

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    wow a work friendly armory! you have the stats to off tank ZA but the problem is your a warrior. People look for pallys and if they cant get one they go with a druid.

    In all honesty you should farm kara (i know you dont want to) if not for gear then for badges. You really do want to pick up a KD/boots of elusion or battlescar/wrynn dynasty and a few random other things to hold u over while till u get badge replacements.

    with a few more badge pieces you will be main tanking ZA without a problem

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