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Thread: [h]pve-arygos: looking for holy paladin & SP-bt/mh

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    [h]pve-arygos: looking for healers and ranged

    We have immediate openings for several classes and are looking to fill them pretty quickly to get the successful applicants in on the fun!

    We're currently looking for two holy pally's, a shadow priest, some non-warlock ranged DPS (hunter pref.) and a druid capable of playing whack-a-mole with healthbars.

    Our player base is in the 20-30ish age range - maturity is always questionable with us and is relative to what you consider "mature." We may be aged but we have never lost our sense of humor. I liken being guilded with us to playing the game in a Kevin Smith movie, the players have cutting wit and are lightning fast. We are elitist in that we look for quality people, you have to have a killer personality and stand out in the crowd before we even look at anything else about your character(s).

    Current progression is:

    MH 3/5
    BT 3/8
    TK 3/4 (Kael is still on our list of kills to complete)
    SSC 5/6 (Lady Vashj is almost down, but Lavache is a noob and can't tank)
    Grull Clear
    Mag Clear
    ZA Clear
    Kara Clear

    Raid Times (please note all times are EST)

    Core Raid:
    Tuesday 7:30PM - 11PM
    Wednesday 7:30PM - 11PM
    Thursday 7:30PM - 11PM

    Open Nights:
    Off-nights are open to members to enjoy as they see fit. They are frequently filled with heroics, Karazhan, Zul'Aman and PvP / Arenas.

    You will be a good fit if you:

    Have an incredible sense of humor
    Can see the big picture
    Are not focused on "phat loots"
    Do not substitute numerals for words…
    Are looking for a guild for the long term
    Value the players over the game
    Are a self starter and do not need a "cruise director" to get you through this game.

    Our website is (hopefully) rich with information about us and what you can expect as a guilded player. We invite you to visit to find out more about us or apply:

    Psychosis - Home - WowStead

    Or roll an alt on Arygos and look for Amathria, Arms, Lavache or another officer
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