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Thread: A "what am I ready for?" thread

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    A "what am I ready for?" thread

    I've been reading this site for months and I find that this site has a great community of tanks that are genuinely helpful and provide great feedback and information to other fellow tanks when they post questions.

    I am currently in a casual raiding guild that has kara, gruul's and mag's on farm. We have not done much past that other than the occasional za,ssc or tk when enough people are on to run them.

    I am getting to the point where I would like to start doing ssc/tk, hyjal and eventually BT.

    My question is which of those 4 end game raids am I ready for and what kind of stats should I be aiming for for the ones I am not ready for yet? I welcome any critique of my build/gear and would appreciate any recommendations any of you may have for me to improve my gear and stats.

    Here's my armory:


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    I would say you are ready for anything in T5 and the beginning bosses in T6. All your gear looks great (except what's with the weird trinket?). I would try to pick up the two trinkets in heroic magister's, for survivability and threat gear. Otherwise look very ready to become an end game raider. Good luck to you.

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