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Thread: Hyjal/BT: What do I wear?

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    Hyjal/BT: What do I wear?

    Armory link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    Items not shown in armory:
    WEAPONS: Sun Eater, Mallet of the Tides, Unbreakable Will
    TRINKETS: spyglass of the hidden fleet (or something like that), autoblocker. No commendation of kaelthas even though I've run H MGT ten thousand times.
    OTHER: I think I have t5 shoulders in the bank. Can't think of anything else.

    I'm the main tank for our guild. Progression is 3/4 TK 6/6 SSC 4/5 Hyjal.

    1. I have the minimum of 490 defense, mainly because all I did was stack the hell out of +12/15 stamina gems. Is this really the way to go? We're about to break into BT since we cleared 4/5 Hyjal in 1 week of attempts and since apparently going with EH worked, it'll probably stay this way.

    2. I picked up the Unbreakable Will just last night. I normally have to wear the Zuljin Cleaver since DPS threat is balls to the wall and I normally have to maximize threat or our DPS gets threat capped. I heard the Unbreakable Will is a great avoidance weapon and if the cloak off hyjal trash drops then that'll be another defense boost as well. Advice?

    3. Overall, where should my defense rating be sitting at? I armory'd some BT tanks and I see 550+ defense rating, which I think I could reach if I gemmed/geared that way, but how does that balance with the stamina loss?

    4. Any other flaws you see in my gearing or such just let me know. Please, be critical.

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    Different gear sets for different encounters. If you're thinking of a one size fits all set, you're doing it wrong. One of your most important jobs as a tank now is to gear correctly for the encounter.

    Quigon's guide on Elitist Jerks has some suggestions for gearing in MH/BT that will get you started, but your mileage will vary with your raid. There is no real substitute for learning to look at what damage you are taking, what types, and when it happens, then using that to choose your gear for a fight.

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