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Thread: SSC Ready check & whats next in the SAME THREAD?!

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    SSC Ready check & whats next in the SAME THREAD?!

    Hello, my name is Tom BrokeOff. I have posted here in response a few times, this is my first question.

    In the last 5 weeks, Ive grown a guild capable of downing

    All of kara in 4 hours. High King, Gruul, Mag, and the first 2 bosses of ZA. This Tuesday, I will be Main Tanking our first try in SSC. I have the gear in my The World of Warcraft Armory. As well, I do have a Suneater, Pocket Watch, Frost Resist set and a handful lof other nice trinkets.

    My question is this: Am I ready to support the Main Tank role in SSC for my guild? As well, What Badge gear next? My debate is between Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx - Item - World of Warcraft and Girdle of the Fearless - Item - World of Warcraft. Always a viable option would be to take the minor upgrade of Brooch of Deftness - Item - World of Warcraft.

    with 6 badges as of this morning, of course it will take me some time after ive agreed to SSC this Tuesday. but from here, are there ANY changes or comments to make sure I am not slowing our progression?

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    You are more then overgeared for starting SSC. You could start Hyjal/BT with your gear. And my vote for next gear piece would be the belt. Crimson Girdle is just god awful.

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    well, wish me luck then!

    ill be back to let you know how it went.

    any other opinions to slow me down before i go make a fool of myself?

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    Ya dude your definatly good to start SSC.

    Hydross tip for ya tho. Try to achive 365 Resistance and 490 Defense for whatever phase your tanking. Max resistance is better than 490 def if thats your only option but cutting out the crits especially when you get into the 500 mark is so helpful.

    Bloodfin Broil (food) +8 to all resistances
    Flask of Chromatic +35 to all resistances and +15 to all stats
    Hunter aspect of the wild +70 nature
    Pally frost aura +70 frost

    You only need to come up with 252 resistance from gear, then get your DEF to 490 and as much stam as possible.

    GL in SSC!
    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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