Ok i wouldn´t consider myself a newb i have been playing since before BC though i never really raided alot other than a few runs through zg. I have since then joined a guild that raids almost every night and
i figgured i knew what i was doing up untill a few weeks ago.

I realise i was useing an off standard rotation but i was able to keep my threat around 1000-1200 on most t5 bosses but i recently changed up some gear and my threat dropped to like 700 to 800 ...
does any one have any idea why this might happen??

I am on vacation, and have spent many an hour reading through the guides on this site and i am going to switch up my rotation and get some more expertise gear ( the bracers and ring) as soon as i get back and have access to my wow account .

I switched my tanking goggles for the hex lord helm and my mallet for the zul jin axe.

those are the only 2 changes i can remember making.

the boss that i had threat issue on was alar as well as the trash pulls to get there.

Here´s the link to my armory The World of Warcraft Armory

and before anyone says anything about my gear i do have some freinds in a higher progression guild and they hooked up the t6 gear for a small fee.. Yes i paid for some of it but my guild was at a stand still in progression and i had an over abundance of gold burning a hole in my bags..( queue the haters) why not spend it on gear..
we are now currently clearing 4/5 ssc, 3/4 tk and 1 of 5 hyjal

any advice or critisim is fine.
especially as too why my threat went to shit..

thanks in advance