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Thread: another one "am i ready?" Feral druid.

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    another one "am i ready?" Feral druid.

    My first post here ;]

    I thought this char will be resto but some time ago i switched to feral. I had some badges which i spent on some parts of tanking qear. Rest i bought on ah or made my friends to craft them for me. My question is am I ready to start tanking Kara/Za/Heroics?

    I know my weak points are my bracers, trinket and staff. ATM iam farming rep for CE exalted staff. Anything ideas to improve my gear?

    My armory link:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    in bear form i have 15k life 20k armor and 23% doge.

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    Looks fine for starting out to me, I would suggest getting either Umbrahowl's Collar form the cipher of damnation quest line in SMV, or saving the badges and getting the band of the swift paw.

    You can buy [item]Braxxis' staff of slumber[/item] to tank with before earthwarden. Keep up the rep grinding for Earthwarden, and start running the darkrune event and watching the AH for the badge of tenacity. Trinkets are a difficult point for us, but you should be able to get the badge just grinding ogri'la.

    Your short term goal should be reaching 24K armor, braxxis/earthwarden and replacing your bracer should help you get there. I would also suggest getting [item]Band of Determination[/item] From regular magister's terrace.

    Also, as an off note, farm the honor and buy the S2 helm on the 24th. Stylin' purple hat is ugly as sin.

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