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Thread: Need help please

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    Need help please

    Hi guys i rerolled warrior after i got bored of pala tanking not being as great MT, and power leveled my warrior with dual boxing, so my warrior has really nice gear now but i missed out on alot of experience and stuff. My threat seems low, and warlocks and mages over aggro me alot and they still gonna get new gear yet .

    My armory link

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    What can i do to improve my threat without gimping ,my survivability? I have 55 badges and will get more soon, what should be my focus now? I'm confused, should i get the expertise bracers first? or the girdle of fearless? i also looking at auto blocker, should i get that first?

    I use devastate, devastate, shield slam, revenge rotation (sometimes i get sloppy though if low rage, and spam devastate only).

    I don't seem to have Enuf rage for many heroic strikes, and if i use shield block things get worse, but i need that to stop CB .

    sometimes even with full rage bar like at Prince i had infernal on me and phase 2, i still wsa only doing 600tps ((, with very rare spikes of 1000 only when ss critted> what am i doing wrong? is it cause i have low hit and expertise? i wanna be doing 1000tps, at all times and 800tps on trash.

    Ill be honest this threat issue is happening on kara mainly and i don't get to tank gruuls much yet as another tank goes there , Burt i will be now,

    Also what does more threat heroic strike , devastate or revenge? so that i know what to press if all light up.

    Thanks guys (other than this low tps issue on certain bosses Im doing ok as tank, so not complete nub :P)

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    I would get [item]Girdle of the Fearless[/item] next, then the [item]Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx[/item]. Both are fantastic upgrades, and also help your threat AND survivability.

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    Thanks mate, still working on getting those upgades, but got my chance to tank gruuls on warrior. This time i had a windfury totem and omg what a huge diff it was i was double threat over destruction lock who always used to overaggro me in kara. Seems wf is a must have imo. Icant imagine vere tanking without it again. I finally got my 1oootps that i craved. Just hope the enhance shammy can come every gruuls now

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    Both pieces are very nice additions really for any tank. I would take a look at the item lvl and go from there.. i think there would be more of a upgrade for the bracers then the belt but either or really as nice.

    As for your threat, you may want to macro your SB/rev into one button.. also try not to mash keys.. when i get lazy i do this just not thinking and my TPS definally suffers.. Que up HS if you have enough rage.. this will definally help. As for pure base threat Revenge is the best threat move but is a proc.. Shield slam is the best scaling threat move you have. After those two are devestate and then HS. Basically you should beable to get two dev's in for every sheild slam rotation.. as well as SB/Rev procs.. keep HS qued and you should see your threat go up. Hit raiting as well as shield block value will also increase your threat.

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    Seems wf is a must have imo. Icant imagine vere tanking without it again.
    Really bad idea to rely on WF for your Threat. Yes, it's amazing when you have it, but you're not always going to have it - especially in Heroics and 10-man with limited group space. Don't let it become a crutch or you will never learn to actually Tank.

    Besides, in the right group, WF isn't going to help because it will scale the threat being put out by melee just as fast as it scales yours. T6 Rogue/Shaman/Fury Warrior in your group, and WF isn't going to make it any easier to hold aggro. You still need to perfect your rotation, etc.

    Stack Expertise to the ceiling. Hit next. Shield block value where you can't get Hit or Expertise.

    For Rage, make sure you're not using Shield Block unless it's necessary. Not all Bosses hit with crushing blows, and some that do don't hit that hard so it's worth costing without SB for a smack or two so you can fill your rage and keep pumping out the threat.

    With the proper mix of 2.4 Badge loot, Magtheridon, Gruul and ZA you can easily get into the 1100-1300 TPS range without WF.

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