Torn Empire is currently raiding Hyjal and Black Temple Mon - Fri 8 to 11 EST. We are a mature, casual raiding guild in the way that we do not have an attendance policy, although we'd encourage people to try and show up at least a couple times a week. All applicants should be well geared with at least T5 level gear and have a good knowledge of their class/spec. Current classes we are looking for are:

1 rogue
1 shadow priest
1 holy priest
1 enhance shaman
1 resto shaman
1 ret pally
1 prot pally
1 holy pally

We are not a fly by night guild. This guild has been around close to 3 years. If there's any interest, you can find us at Please register and drop us an application. You can also create an alt on Durotan and look up Origen, Evagorn or Landrau if you have any questions.