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Thread: Is it time for me to get avoidance instead of hp?

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    Is it time for me to get avoidance instead of hp?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    A guild is going to sell me their t6 shoulders which with 2 dodge gems will give me 3% more avoidance and almost the same hp.

    Also I'm planning to ditch my hp trinket for my pocketwatch, which will give me to unbuffed 16.5k hp/17.8k armor/26dodge/22parry/11-12% miss.

    I am thinking of going defense rating enchants on my chest and bracers now and maybe using my warbringer gloves with agi which is another 2-3% avoidance.

    edit : armory has me wearing t1/2 so uh maybe itll take some time to update.
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    Your gear looks fine to me, And seeing as I can not see any 25 man gear, ill make the assumption that you are not doing anything other than 10 mans and heroics.

    Beaing that in mind you shouldn't worry about either, you have botht eh HP and avoidence to deal with any 10 man boss.

    If you are running 25 mans, well then, still don't worry. Basicly, the badge gear you have has given you all the stats you need.

    Now jsut look at easch individual fight and see what bit you can swap round, since no two fights are the same.

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    I'm probably not running 25mans because no t6 guild wants a tank atm, regardless of gear.

    So I'm just getting my t6 tokens bought and getting my last za item and calling it quits till wotlk or transfer servers.

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