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Thread: the proper type of agro

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    the proper type of agro

    I have been main-tanking in T4/T5 for about 6 months now. Karazhan for 2 months before that. My gear is maxed for where I am in progression (T5 3/4 5/6).

    My guild officers recently told all the raiders that we 'fail', and shut the guild down. I just recently found out that i was a factor in that decision.

    The last thing that I want is to be just a life-support system for my gear. Since I am between guilds, I am pondering if I will be capable of main-tanking a raid in T6.

    Can I get some feedback on my performance in the TPS calc links below? I was under the impression I had been doing my job well, but I would like to know what mistakes I am making or if there is something else I need to be doing.

    How can I generate more threat?

    Thanks for your time.

    843 tps
    945 tps
    918 tps
    709 tps
    767 tps
    638 tps
    766 tps
    682 tps
    791 tps
    677 tps

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    Hope this helps a bit. This is with 92Hit, 48Expertise, 500BV:

    Multiply my total threat values x.8 to distinguish relative totals.

    These are relatively the same time.

    Multiply my total threat values x.81 to distinguish relative totals.

    If your healers can keep you up, try to push your threat stats. Your job is to have enough EH/Avoidance for healers to keep you up for the duration then to make your threat as high as possible allowing DPS to max DPS (saving healers mana, reducing chaos among other things etc.).

    Comparing the charts, the boss kill times are lower for you and your total TPS is lower. Which results in DPS coming extremely close to your threat.

    From those charts, it looks like you're either rage starved often or you're hitting 100 rage and beyond, effectively 'losing' rage simply from the lack of heroic strikes.

    There's two ways to fix this:

    1) if you're rage starved- replace Avoidance with Threat/EH gear (warn your healers of this before you do it, if they're used to you're high avoidance, maybe even bring an extra healer in just to HoT you)
    2) if you're simply hitting and surpassing 100 rage the solution is simple- manage your rage (heavy use of heroic strike, Revenge>Shield Slam>Devistate>Heroic, >=40rage, heroic strike, spam it if you're nearing 100rage)

    A few more easy tips for threat:
    -Recruit an extra enhancement shaman and stick him in your group. Will help your threat a LOT (especially on threat sensitive fights such as VR) and will help your avoidance+threat on tank killing bosses.
    -Stack incoming damage 'thorn' type abilities. Imp Thorns, Blessing of Sanc and the likes.
    -Work on increasing passive threat as much as possible. Simple things, if you overgear the boss, put on more threat gear. Meet the instance minimums for EH/Avoidance, the rest stack threat as much as possible (hit rating food, stam+strength elixir, executioner weapon).
    -Get into the habit of calling out when DPS is coming close to your threat. Tell them to watch it, if they pass you, i usually yell 'you're going to die [name]' A few times people actually have died, they know when I say they're going to die, they better watch the fk out.

    Looks like you're in DPS gear atm. I can't tell your stats.

    Best of luck, I hope all comes back into place with your guild!
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    Here is my threat/trash set: Threat

    This is my boss/EH set: EH

    I'm respeccing to 12/5/44 to address problems I've had with lack of rage.

    The refugees of my last guild have reformed and we've merged with another group who are new to T5. We'll be going into SSC tonight.

    Thanks very much for your time.

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    I see alot of avoidance gems in both your sets. If you are still rage starved, despite your spec change, switching over to more 12/15 stamina gems will help. Also, there's no shame in demanding a windfury totem for threat/rage sensitive situations :-P.

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