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Thread: When to upgrade from badge fists.

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    When to upgrade from badge fists.

    Sometimes I consider using lesser weapons that look less ridiculous, but I don't actually do it.

    So the big question is when can I pick up weapons that are superior? How soon into T6 content are better items obtainable. Is it reasonable to pick [item]Syphon of the Nathrezim[/item] x2 and not feel like I just lost a bunch of excellent DPS stats (and flowers)? What other T6 weapons should be on my pick list?

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    Glaives or SW drops are your only real upgrades.

    S4 if you can get the rating.

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    Yeah, only upgrades pre-sunwell are glaives, or high rating req. arena gear, and Dragonstrike MH if youre a blacksmith, which is pretty much a sidegrate to the MH fist.

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