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Thread: Back to my warrior

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    Back to my warrior

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    I have decided to head back to my warrior after taking a very long break and was wondering if someone could give me some general advice on..gear and improving my unbuffed health. I'm farming mats on my mage to up my alchemy to 375 so that will be my trade skill.

    I hit 70 a few weeks after TBC and got pissed off after dying 14 times in one day trying to complete quests....and swore I'd never play him again...lol.

    thanks for any help

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    #1 - Stop gemming for strength and gem for pure stamina. +9 stamina at first, and moving to +12 stam and +15 stam as you get more money and your gear settles down. Strength is almost useless to you in tanking. I understand having +def gems for now to get you over 490, but as your gear has more and more defense on it, you need to swap those out for stam gems.

    #2 - Get the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer gun. Gem it with either +12 stam or +4 def/+6 stam (cuz of the socket bonus). This gun will last you almost forever and the amount of stam you get is unbeatable at this stage of your progression.

    #3 - Grind SSO rep and get Inuuro's Blade (to replace Kopesh) and Dawnforged Defender (to replace Shield of the Wayward Footman). Alternatively, You can get Grom'tor's Charge (weapon) and Netherwing Protector's Shield from quests in Shadowmoon Valley in the interim, or pick up the S1 Gladiator's Shield. Dawnforged is great because of all the stats on it, S1 for the armor and stam it offers at this stage of your tanking career.

    #4 - Do the "How to break into the Arcatraz" questline and get the Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard (belt). Do the "Someone else's hard work pays off" quest into regular Mana-Tombs to get Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves.

    Begin accumulating rings and trinkets through various dungeon runs. Do not get rid of any of them at this stage.


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