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Thread: Given weapon options: Arms vs Fury

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    Given weapon options: Arms vs Fury


    So, we currently have someone else running arms with blood frenzy and imp demo shout, and the usual fury warrior gone for the time being... I'm wondering if given the weapons at my disposal, fury can still outdo 2h Arms.
    (Or, possibly if 2h Fury is the way to go - there's very little mention of that anywhere)

    My 2h arms weapon is the S3 mace with executioner (yeah I know, sword is better etc. etc. but points are scarce)

    My 1h options are: MH: S3 mace with mongoose, Offhand options: Fury/Talonblade/S1 Mace/Venir's - and I can enchant that with what I want.

    Let's assume that re-enchanting the S3 1-hander is not an option... simply don't have, or not willing to spend, the gold at this point - with that in mind... do you still think DW fury would outdo 2h arms? Or would 2h Fury likely be the best way to go? (Last night raid buffed, 2h arms, was running about 1050-1250 dps)

    Here's a gear link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks for the advice

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    If you already have an arms warrior go fury. And you obviously do not want to hear it but get rid of the mongoose and pick up executioner. That or get a new s3 mace for your mainhand and offhand the one with mongoose.

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    Just not an option right now... have 3 pieces of armor to upgrade first... the options are:
    1) Arms w/ current armory gear
    2) Fury with Mongoose S3 Mace
    3) 2H Fury, maybe: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    (That's my guess at a decent 2h fury spec)

    So... is 2H Fury > 2H Arms?

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    2H fury is probably going to be better than 2H arms, especially since you're using a mace. If you're looking to maximize your DPS, however, Fury is your best bet.

    If you're going 2H fury, however, your spec needs a little help. Improved Slam is a must unless you're aiming to do some sort of Hamstring spam thing (which, at your gear level, is likely to be terrible). Putting points into Improved WW is a waste, since you're not spamming if off CD like a Fury build. You might want to swap out death wish for Rampage - it should be more DPS. Of course, if you PvP or whatnot, death wish might be the way to go.

    I'd spec like so: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

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    basically what shiz said, here's another variation of the guild that I find useful as well but it's very similar to shiz98's and just takes 1 in imp whirlwind simply to bring up the cd properly with the slam rotation (I think it still matters)

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

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