Well, not really, not quite yet.
Essentially, in the past my main has been a paladin heal-bot, very well geared for healing.
Recently our only paladin tank decided to leave the guild, don't know why, so now we're short one paladin tank.
Now, I haven't been asked to tank just yet, and we may find a replacement, but at the going rate, I want to be prepared in case the same stuff happens again.
I just bought the tanking libram and the cloak, the guild is willing to run me through gruuls and mag to quickly pick up the tanking chest/legs etc, but I'm desperate for advice.
Honestly, I loved the idea of tanking as a paladin, but I was hoping I'd have some more time than this.
*I'm still specced holy because I haven't been asked to tank just yet.*
*I'm wearing the crappy DPS chest because I haven't gotten anything better*

Gear is honestly the issue here, I kind of know what to aim for, the warrior tanking chest, the pally tanking leggings.
/sigh why couldn't they of asked me to tank on my warrior who is actually geared to tank!

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*I wasn't sure whether I should purchase the SSO rep neck and shield*
*I'm gonna be asked to tank Hyjal/BT so i need to get really good, fast :S*