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Thread: WoW's Impact on MMOs

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    WoW's Impact on MMOs

    Direct Download For This Podcast

    This podcast covers the impact and the innovation World of Warcraft, the future for other developers, and the future for World of Warcraft. This podcast is divided into three primary themes. First, we discuss the approachability, community, and coding of Warcraft. Second, we cover both the pitfalls and the successes of new MMOs, with particular emphasis on Age of Conan and Warhammer Online. The third subject we cover is how we expect World of Warcraft itself to evolve to meet it's competition.

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    Needs more micro-currency talk.
    Needs more skill MMOG talk.

    Needs more Puzzle Pirates.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only person who says Shamalamadingdong. Looks like an interesting podcast. I'll have to listen after I get home from work though.

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    Warhammer is going to have servers located in the Pacific region from the start. Not the insulting "Oceanic" servers that Blizz operate, where Oceanic means US maintenance schedules, or the possible servers (believe it when I see it) that FunCom have mentioned. Given the very high latencies we have with US servers, this could have an impact on the playability of the games. Is AoC playable with a ping of 280+? How about 480? Aussies want to know.

    This is one of those things that Blizzard will probably never address unless one of their staff that plays comes and lives here. So how about it?

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    Cool Endgame

    Very interesting pcast, but you seemed to forget to "mention" why people stay faithful to WoW.
    Im talkin about ENDGAME. Leveling in WoW is easy, and rumor say its even gonne be even easier in WOTLK.
    The game basicly starts at lv70 (lv60 pre TBC, and lv80 in WOTLK i might add). All other MMO's
    seem to concentrate on the leveling part ONLY while WoW does both it excels in endgame.

    A few people in my guild started playin AoC when in came out and they praised it. And sure it looked great. But now a few months after release most of them are gonna cancel their subscriptions. From what ive heard post lv50 there is nothing todo. There is no Endgame. Level cap is 80 so there isnt even any pre end game. As i myself havent played AoC this is mostly hersay.
    You have sort touched the subject before when discussing TR.

    If you could have a Pcast discussing about pure endgame and compairing for example AoC and WH online with WoW.


    GM Eureka Aszune
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    Would love info on 5man H, and 10man OT roles.

    Couple of topics i would like to see a podcast cover:
    1. What is/would be a perfect 5man Heroic instance group?, ie.. Outlands and Magisters Terrace.
    In these 5 man Heroics what would be a perfect grp. ie...as a prot. warr. i don't seem to work well with warlocks in my grp. Heroic Ramps i can move so much faster if i have two mages vs. two hunters and no mage, or at a decent speed w/ a mage and hunter. Also depending what i have in my group what would be a minimum stats i should be asking other classes who are joining a 5man Heroic Pugg grp. , what should i ensure they have and balance it out a pugg, such as , i like to have a healer w/ 1300 HB(healing Bonus) @ least, and still have a mage and hunter if healer is 1300 HB and below. This is kind of info. i would like to hear u'r thoughts and concerns About when doing 5man Heroics puggs in Outlands and Magisters Terrace , Ciderhelm.
    2. Next question is for both Ciderhelm and Lore: How should i as a Prot warr. off tank 10man instance with a Prot. Pally as the main tank, ie... Kara, should i duel wield while still being prot spec. or should i be using a shield using proper aggro rotations, what would work best for me and him doing an OT role Prot Warr. for a Prot Pally MT in 10mans.

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    I rely hope that I have not overlooked a prior podcast of this topic, however I would be interested in hearing about your views on raid, guild, server, and server vs server politics ( if any). After all, the guild futile system like politics in most cases really requires a vastly rounded leadership core and is IMO a hot debate on what makes a truly efficient raiding guild. This also extends in many cases to server politics, as recruitment and server reputation depends on many different aspects of leadership and achievements.

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    "Stylized" is the word I would use instead of "cartoony".
    Strong art direction isn't just a way to lower the system specs, imo.

    This is way older than I thought it was. D:

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