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Thread: wtb fury [badge] upgrades

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    wtb fury [badge] upgrades

    Armory Link

    Basically I'm asking the same thing as Spartikus, but didn't want to hijack his thread. I'm a MT and as such I tend to collect a lot of badges, so I'm supplementing my fury set now.

    First, should i re-replace Grimgrin with S3 hat? Initially I used the Grim because I was pretty short on hit but that's not my problem anymore. Other problem is I can't put Relentless in S3 because I actually pvp with it currently.

    Also, after reading I'm thinking of getting Angelista's Revenge and I hear good thing about Ninja Stabbys; probably replace the VS:MA with the Angelista's since I'm a bit short on crit I'd say. But I feel like the problem with replacing my vind boots/bracers is that I lose a lot of crit which is kind of my weak point currently.

    I'd also really like to replace the S1 gloves but I feel like the plate ones wouldn't do me much good trading crit for even more hit, but I guess I was pondering if the Trickster Stickyfingers would be any good.

    I feel the same way about bracers. I can pick up a lot of arpen on the badge ones, but once again my crit is just not high enough to sacrifice it I don't think.

    Currently I have the ability to pick up basically anything in Kara/ZA and hopefully we'll be expanding to 25mans very very soon, if there's something in them I might be missing. (Bear mail shoulders I was thinking may be good)

    What would you change? Currently 190 badges to work with, and plenty more with time.

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    your armory is not working for me from work, T4 helm has crit I believe, I wear the dps plate goggles but I can't tell your profession. The ring is awesome, the leather boots are very good as well. I try to maintain 30% critin zerker stance and 150 to 160 hit, but everyone has a different opinion. As long as you can keep your flurry uptime going, that is what is important. Best fury bracers in the game drop off lurker, he should be one of the first T5 bosses you drop, so good luck there.

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    You missed [item]Gauntlets of Rapidity[/item].

    The badge ring is a good choice since you'll have it for a really long time, I'm personally pretty meh on the ninja stabbies, I just don't like the stat distribution.

    I've been trading crit for ArPen and its working out just fine so far. Don't freak if you go below 30% crit, it seems to be no more valid than insisting on 200 hit rating. I'm guessing the 30% crit number is just a case of old habits die hard.

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    The 2.4 ring is the single best badge upgrade for a fury warrior, if I'm not mistaken.
    After that, the 2.4 weapons. Then the mail gloves. Then, I think Dory's Embrace if you don't have a better cloak.

    That's the order I've been following for my fury set. A lot of the badge gear is pretty bad; either only 2 stats, or a better easy-to-obtain upgrade (Red Belt of Battle, S3 Legs, etc).

    Oh, and regarding crit rating, dropping below 30% crit is a bigger deal than 200 hit, because crit is what helps you keep flurry and rampage up:
    25.0% crit = 77% flurry uptime
    27.5% crit = 80% flurry uptime
    30.0% crit = 83% flurry uptime
    32.5% crit = 86% flurry uptime
    35.0% crit = 88.5% flurry uptime
    37.5% crit = 90.5% flurry uptime
    40.0% crit = 92.2% flurry uptime

    As your crit starts pushing 37% buffed, you're able to sacrifice it for other stats without sweating much. But I wouldn't give up 20 crit rating for 140 armor penetration (same itemization points) if I was only sitting at 35% buffed.
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