<Arkham>- Alliance guild of The Forgotten Coast Server. Currently still the furthest progressed guild on the Alliance side is recruiting. We have had many server firsts and Alliance Firsts on the server including Kael' thas and Vashj. However due to the new popular game Age of Conan, and the lack of PVE oriented players on the Forgotten Coast we find ourselves short of dedicated raiders.

Our Goal is to Finish off Hyjal/BT and Progress into Sunwell. We are currently 4/5 in hyjal, and 4/9 in Black temple. We raid Monday-Thursday 7PM-12AM EST and Weekends are off however, they may be pushed for progression or SSC/TK and other low end raids.

As a member of the guild you will be required to:

-Take constructive criticism- use it and learn from it.
-Be a team player
-Be prepared with consumables(Flasks, Buff Food)
-Make significant effort to work on gear, and resistances.
-Display a positive and mature attitude
-Attend Raids regularly
-Most importantly-Learn the Strats, Understand your role, and execute..

We are looking for members who are able to maintain consistency in attendance. Furthermore, we are looking for smart players who are able to be decisive and are able to work well in tight situations.


Paladins- (1-2 Holy), 1-Protection Spec
Druids- Open
Priests- Closed
Shaman- Open (Restoration)
Rogues- Open (1)

If you have a desire to progress in End Game raiding and is dedicated in achieving that, a player who prides themselves on the efforts that he/she puts into the game, and is not in it for instant gratification than Arkham of The forgotten Coast is for you.

Please Send an Ingame tell/mail to: Deathmatch, Tankus, Baulteris, Abbee
or Apply online @ Home : Arkham - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

or PM me here.