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Thread: BT Gearing

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    BT Gearing

    Hey guys I was just wondering if you could critique my armory and list any possible upgrades in your opinions you think I could achieve out of all the BT/Hyjal gear.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Gear Wise:

    I'd suggest the cloak from trash in MH, the gloves from teron gorefiend (with 2% threat not 10 stamina).

    Weapon Wise:

    Try getting the brutaliser its the next logical upgrade for you, enchant it with mongoose because you have low avoidance and could use the occasional boost.
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    The Axe is not an upgrade over the mallet for a human stick with that. However I would go for Ring off of Supremus and Gorefiend gloves, you will still be at or above hit cap go back above crit cap(which your current armory setup shows you below) and gain some exp and Block value, at which point lose the exp trinket and get the autoblocker, for some serious shield slams that won't miss. From there I would aim for t6 helm/chest/legs to gain a meta which you would use the 12drf/10%BV in and the 4pc bonus of 10$ shield slam damage. resocket your gun with 10hit and do the same with your shield. Don't use the stam resil enchant, the resil is a waste in PvE and you can get enough stam from gear and sockets on the gear you have access to. Also the Hyjal Trash cloak(why won't they drop one fore me the bastards) would be nice in making up hit lost from switching chests.

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    Sigh...never socket your best survivability gear with Hit........

    If you are worried about threat fights then get Enforcements and 2% threat them, badge belt, badge legs. Socket your ZA shield with 10 hit. Ranged get nightstrike from normal Mgt, executioner your Mallet for threat and Mongoose an Unbreakable Will.

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