So, a little back information. Up until about a week ago, I was in a guild that was working on Felmyst. I originally raided on a Paladin since MC, but in late BT was asked to switch to my warrior. I had primarily been playing Prot and Blood Frenzy. That guild fell apart, and I took an invite to the only other guild I have a lot of friends on, but they're up to M'uru so I have some catch up to do.

I'll now be playing Prot / Fury as needed (since the guild I went to already has a BF warrior with good attendance), and unfortunately Fury was my worst set of gear. I respecced Fury for Brutallus last night, and I won't lie, the results were not good. I've been combing over my DPS in comparison to other warriors and it seems like my parse breaks down to about the same skill distribution in reference to % of attacks. Obviously I have less heroic strikes due to inferior rage generation, but otherwise things are mostly in line.

First, here is the WWS for a 2% wipe attempt (had a few alts/respecs in last night):

And here is a random WWS I picked to compare to:

And here are the Armories for comparison:

The 2nd Warrior:

My group makeup was a Feral druid, 2 hunters (Giving FI), and a Shaman (agi totem, not WF). I was using Demonslaying elixirs, haste pots (by the end I had to resort to an insane STR pot or two, I ran out of haste pots), and scrolls of strength.

Comparing the two WWS reports, the attack breakdown seems to be pretty similar, but what I am finding looking at a lot of different WWS is that I am simply getting crushed in max crits / average hits. Average hits I understand, because I am using a fast offhand (Dragonscale-Encrusted Longblade).

Currently, my weapon options are: Rising Tide (Executioner enchant currently), Dragonscale Encrusted Longblade (Mongoose, tanking weapon), Swiftsteel Bludgeon (Executioner enchant currently, use it as my < 20% execute MH).

I'm planning to buy the MH Fist weapon from the badge vendor when I get home. I'm debating re-enchanting the Rising Tide for an OH, or using Dragonscale for another week or two until I get badges for the OH fist weapon. Some of my gems are not ideal, since in my old guild I did not DPS too often, and we had a severe shortage of epic Red / Orange gems, so we typically kept them for main specs.

I am just looking for any general criticism at all for improvements I can work on outside of raids. I don't have a lot of alternate gear (Leggings of Divine Retribution, but kind of wanting to stick with T6 pants until I get another piece, for the 2pc bonus).

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the 1k DPS difference between myself and some warriors who don't seem to outgear me by *that* much. Given that the folks I'm with now are working on M'uru, I feel like I need to make a dramatic improvement, so any advice would be highly appreciated.