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Thread: Eh ???

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    Eh ???

    Ok so my guild is curretly raiding SSC , TK and starting with HS ( Winterchill down ) , and I have all the T5 that I want , all heroic badge loot , new and old that I want and are looking for upgrades in ZA and HS . I have the Bullwark of Ancient Kings aswell . All this I have obviously to be able to improvise to each different fight . I can as a fight needs either get the 9% hit cap and 9% expertise rating or on the other hand ..take Phathom Lord for exhample have allmost 60% avoidance when I have time to build threat .

    I am one of our MT's and the other prot warrior MT aswell is a proudly confessed stam freak . I am not . Blue gems slots have stam , red have strength and yellow has hit in my gear . The other tank has stam gems from top to bottom . Now I can on average get to 19500 buffed hp and he can get to 22000 buffed HP but recently I have had alot of the dpsers in the guild complain to me that they have to watch their threat so much more when he is tanking a mob .

    Now my question is not who is the better tank ...AT ALL!! , my question is where do you start drawing the line on EH if it is costing you that the dpsers are starting out threat you with better gear and if one had to be chosen which would it be , good threat building or massive ammounts of EH ?

    I am allso having a problem talking to him about it because we recently had Class Leader sellections and he got it ....now everything I might say is seen as me beeing sour that I wasn't chosen , but at the end off the day I just want what's best for our 25 man raiding progression because that is why I play this game is to progress .

    Any advice will be much appreciated


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    For me I usually start tanking bosses with the max EH I have, then drop it to a state where my healers are comfortable, and I don't get any risk to get bursted. I never had any problem with my DPSers holding back because my threat sucked. I won't say that never got called for "make more threat! I can't nuke!!!11!"
    Whenever that happened, I usually switched one or two pieces in the next try to test if I could make more threat thanks to my gear without risking my life, and most of the times it was a good decision.
    I know that when you are progressing through a new instance people may think you are just being greedy when you want to loot another tank weapon, or certain ring or trinket that could help your aggro/evasion, EH. The best solution is, if the rest of your tank team allows it, to have one tank geared for threat, another for full EH and another for evasion. That way you won't hoard massive amount of loot in one individual and you will have the perfect gear setup for each boss anytime.
    In your particular case, your CL's gear can be useful for certain bosses, and yours for another couple. Both of you should talk about who should tank each boss, because if he continue with his threat problems it's gonna be hard for him because all your dpsers will start to blame, or even insulting, his skills about tanking, when we know that it's a matter of gear, not skill.

    I hope I explained it correctly, my English is not very good these days xDD

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    Two questions, yeah I know I always answer questions with questions:

    1. Does he have any threat gear? If yes, does he not feel comfortable using it, if no, any reason why not, is he unclear of what to stack, of how good it is, have you ever (all tanks) sat down and looked at wws parses of % misses and parries and had a conversation about how to improve?

    2. Why are the dps complaining to you? Point them in the direction of their class leaders, who as an officer (I'm assuming here) is on the same "standing" as the warrior CL and should really be the pipeline through which concerns are raised and then dealt with as needed.
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    Thanks for the replies guys .

    He knows exhactly what gets classified as threat gear but just says ' I'm a stam freak' . In my case I have gone and made sure I have a certain combination of gear for most occasions . Eg. he recently got the helm from Hexlord , I thought of that helm as a nice one to have because of the 3 different types of gems you can use , but he now has 3 stam gems in it , which imo nullifies the use of the helm . Aswell he uses the darkmoon card ???? for extra stam and doesnt even consider the GAB trinket for extra blockvalue which personally I cant cope withou the GAB trinket .

    The reason why I think dpsers are complaining to me is because I have had alot of compliments from dpsers that they can just go fullout when I tank . Now I am a bit more of a mitigation based over EH based tank but as far as I can see my survivabillity as a tank in any occasion is just as good as his , but even though I'm still working on it it seems that I have no threat building problem at all .

    My problem is as far as I have seen it when the dpsers in my guild are going to get T6 equivalent gear I am going to start struggling to outthreat them , thats why I have made some efort in consentrating on stats like hit rat , expertise , block value and strenghth in my gear .

    Do I have the tanking consept right or would the general rule of thumb still favor the EH theory ??


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    My personal advice, Dont use Strenght gems for red sockets, use dodge/stam gems or pure dodge, yellow yea sure use hit, but in t6 you will find alot of hit on gear, so at that point go for something like def/stam in yello and ofc blue stack stam.

    Stam stacking is the way I go in general. However if you want to go for socket bonuses i would try to be flexible in which ones you go for.

    As for the concept, both are viable options, though EH will be better for progression with u as the MT. It allows more consistant damage intake and gives the nice buffer. Also i find EH gear has threat stats built on, eg I have a higher EH than the other MT in my guild, and a higher TPS, however he has more avoidence than me.

    Hope this is of some insight to you.



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