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Thread: Tanking gear and talent advice from the gurus

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    Tanking gear and talent advice from the gurus

    heya all,

    been OT most of the time and also MT for heroics. Currently trying my best to get better gears especially chest, helm, belt and bracers, probably a better shield.

    my talent points was the usual 8 / 5 / 48 but recently i respecced again since i noticed i still lack the rage lol. So my current specs is 11 / 5 / 45

    anyway comments and flaming would be appreciated lol...

    probably my next upgrade is my chest, but im still on holding my badges for a while whether to get a belt, bracers or rings from the badge vendors.

    Btw, ignore the gun for the moment, im still collecting my mats for the khorium gun lol...

    here's me armory link.

    my Pixelated Warrior

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    The armory is acting up atm so I can not get into specifics, but... I am going to assume you went and picked up Imp HS with those 3 extra points in the Arms tree.

    I can not emphasize this enough as a great spec for managing threat. I myself use a 10/5/46 spec at the moment. Imp HS is one of the most overlooked talents there is.

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    If you are noticing a lack of rage I'm not sure how you can justify only 2/3 improved sunder.
    I'd definitely drop the point in improved taunt. I have long argued with a lot of people that it is a wasted talent, unless I am missing a specific boss fight mechanic that requires it, but even then, it has no place is a standard tanking build.

    Also looking at your gear level and the fights you are probably doing, you can lose the improved defensive stance for now if there are other talents you would really like to have. They are somewhat useful but really until you get on some high spell damage fights make a very small difference.

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    Firstly, get your gear enchanted. Having the t4 legs you are obviously killing Gruul and to have only 2 enchants is really unacceptable (or your guild hasn't noticed this and taken you with them anyway).

    Head - upgrade is t4 from prince - for now use the KoT glyph.
    Neck - Badges (35)
    Shoulders - fine
    Cloak - +120 armor
    Chest - upgrade is NB or 100 badges - get 150hp until then.
    Bracers - Badges (35)
    Gloves - fine
    Belt - Badges (60 or 75 although the 75 one will last you until SW)
    Legs - get 40stam/12agi and upgrade through badges eventually.
    Boots - 12 stamina.
    Sword - get mongoose.
    Shield is fine until Gruuls
    Get the Khorium Destroyer crafted and gemmed.

    For badges your order should be:
    Belt -> Bracers -> Chest -> Neck -> Legs

    Your talent spec is fine.

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    thx for the reply guys...

    anyway, as for the enchants yeah im still farming for the desired mats, since mats are not that widely available and the cost for the mats are like damn expansive lol... thx for a bunch of sellers who screwed up the server economy lol...

    yeah im gonna respec again urgh... lol...and thx for noticing

    hmm currently i have around 96 badges so probably i'll get the neck and bracers for my next upgrade. i dont mind getting the chestplate from the vendor in isles, although i can buy at least 2 items with the same amount, owh well gotta see how it goes first

    btw as for legs i got my T4 but forgot to equip it lol... well gonna enchant it with the 40 stam 12 agility enchant after this. tanks anyway

    who knows in the near future i might get lucky with Sun Eater. I was thinking enchant Executioner with KD and Mongoose with SE. Is it a good enchant for those weapons? or just stick mongoose for both of em.

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