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Thread: OT spec advise for Kara

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    OT spec advise for Kara

    I know this has probably done many many times before and I think all I need is a few nods or shakes of heads as to whether as OT for Kara I should respec from prot to fury.

    I specced Prot a long time ago and since then we have run with 2 prot warriors for kara (although sometimes I swop out for my lockthat was my main) and even though we are a little gimped it works and we normally clear kara in about 3hours 30mins in one night.

    My gear has greatly improved over this time and the only upgrades I believe I need are from badge rewards (belt, legs, neck, ring) and shoulders from ZA speed runs which we are now doing. I have roughly 17k HP and 17.5k armor fully buffed and have MT'd all except Prince due to our normal MT being off that time.

    I was therefore thinking of any way to help improve my dps when not needed to tank (in current dps gear I have about 1.8k AP and 28% crit iirc and last night on a heroic durnhold I held 580dps over the entire instance) and the only way I could do that is if I respec to either a hybrid or more probably just go full Fury.

    So just after a wall of text all I am after is: if I respec to fury would I still be able to OT in kara (adds on pulls, netherspite etc) if I was specced to typical PvE fury. My one concern was not being able to build enough threat (no slam or dev)?

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    If you have the gear for fury already build up (1700+AP, 140+hit, 25+crit, some armor pen etc) you can do some badass damage with an OT prot spec (12/5/44). Can hit 1kdmg easily with those stats with devistate/WW/heroic strikes. Probalbly 200-250 more DPS as fury.

    Personally, I have never, though, tried a true hybrid tanking/DPS spec- cant help ya in that respect.
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    Obviously Netherspite shouldn't be a problem, you have the beam to help you. If you cant generate threat fast enough, put yourself on the second kill target to build a threat lead before the dps rolls in.

    I've off-tanked Kara full as full fury in my tank gear before. I cant imagine you would have any problems.
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