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Thread: Arms DPS: staying hit capped

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    Arms DPS: staying hit capped

    first, my armory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    That's basically my raiding gear, but replace the skyguard trinket with Solarian's Sapphire.

    Yesterday i got my T5 gloves, which offer a nice crit boost, but means i would drop far from the hit cap, which means i have 3 options right now:

    -Keep my current gloves, and wait till i get the T5 legs, which would put me at 3/5 T5 and hit capped

    -Regem my chest to +hit and use the T5 gloves

    -Use the T5 gloves and eat Spicy Hot Talbuk instead of Roasted Clefthoof.

    My instinct tells me to go with option 1, but i thought i would ask for a few opinions on the issue.

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    I think you ahve more options to be honest ...

    Here's what I would do...

    Ditch your 12 Agility enchant on your boots in favor of Surefooted.

    Then go ahead and change out your ranged weapon for something like the easily attainable[item]Nightstrike[/item] or [item]Felsteel Whisper Knives[/item]. If you have access to them the raid drops of [item]Serpentshrine Shuriken[/item] or [item]Steelhawk Crossbow[/item].

    You are gonna lose some AP in this deal but it seems you are already willing to do this by regemming. You may not get all 22 hit that you need back, but you will at least get 20, and should come out ahead in most other areas.

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