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Thread: TPS Problems...

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    TPS Problems...

    I recently joined a guild pushing BT and I feel i'm having problems performing (TPS-wise) so DPS can be pushed a notch up. I've slowly been fixing some glaring issues, for example I was trying to stack too much dodge and I would find myself rage starved plenty of times. I'll get to my question though...I need to improve my TPS and would like some suggestions on gear or any helpful advice. I know my rotations for best threat output, so that is not the problems that i've seen so far. Below are my unbuffed stats:

    Dodge: 23.86%
    Parry: 16.76%
    Block: 26.78%
    Hit rating: 74 (4.69%)
    Expertise: 31 (7.75%)
    SBV: 400

    Or you can check out my armory at: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Any help is appreciated.

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    The only difference between you and myself is that you have more hit and expertise and iv got more SBV, bout 80 more. and i don't find myself Threat capping the raiders im going with, and I have just joined a 4/5 4/9 Guild, so it is either the SBV, external buffs or your rotation that is casuing problems imo. Out of interest what kind of TPs do you see, and from where to judge it as not good enough?



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    If you are having problems with initial aggro make sure your OT isn't slapping sunders on targets that he is dpsing till you've stacked 5 sunders. Make sure the druids aren't popping Faerie Fire before atleast 2 sunders. Make sure the rogues aren't starting off with expose armor. They will negate your sunder threat from Devastates.

    If it's during the fight and dps are climbing make sure they have Salvation on them at all times. Make sure you follow the Dev, Dev, SS, Rev rotation to the max popping heroic strikes when rage permits. Also make sure your opener is SS (or your second move is SS if you don't have imp bloodrage) - it'll give you a good bit of initial threat.

    Try to work a little bit on your hit rating. Your are well above the expertise soft cap though I would not recommend dropping exp for hit. Also feel free to drop Shield Block for 1 crushing hit if health permits it'll help with rage.

    If you're still ahving threat problems I'd try to tell the RL to try to spread out the DPS max grps (SPriest, Boomkin, Elem Shaman, Mage, BM Hunter for example or tell the shaman in the group to drop tranquil air).

    I mean other than that, it's up to the dps to control aggro. If you're doing everything mentioned above, if dps pull threat or are riding the line, its the DPSs fault and/or their group make-up.

    There's only so much you can do

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    To answer your question completely, we really need to know what sort of TPS you are looking for. Which fights you are worried about to be specific...

    The only "races" in BT that you should really have issues with are Najentus and Teron. The simple fact that both of them can instagib you early on with a badly timed crush is something you really do wanna worry about. Your gear is more than adequate to MT either one, however... I will be bluntly honest, I never tried to tank either one with lower than 28-30% buffed Dodge.

    Which leads me to believe that either you are stepping into a guild that vastly outgears you on the DPS end of things, or your rotation needs to be tightened up. The TPS of your DPS is going to go up as you progress in BT/Hyjal, so the tighter you can get your rotation the better. I tend to use Rage Winterchill as my benchmark TPS fight. This is a fight where even if you tank him in T4 (which I was 3/5 in when we started MH), you will have rage problems. You need to have a tight threat rotation to even maintain threat over most of your mid range DPS. Thanks to the DnD mechanics where you basically get no rage for 10+ seconds but still need to maintain a threat cycle.

    To be honest ... the only people that really should be threat capped in fights are the mages and the shadow priests. Stress your DPS to learn how to use their threat dumps efficiently. Most hunters and locks are pretty heads up on this, however a lot of mages still do not know how to effectively use Invis during a boss encounter.

    In the end... if there was one piece of gear I would replace before the rest for threat purposes it would be your chest piece... IMHO the [item]Chestplate of Stoicism[/item] is a very deceiving piece of armor. You are infinitely better off by making every attempt to either get your guild to go back to Kael and snag T5, or spam Zul'Aman til you see that chestpiece. If you can not make either one of those things happen, do not kid yourself when [item]Glory of the Defender[/item] drops. I know a lot of people have gotten on the Stoicism bandwagon, but the reality is (at least to me) that Glory is still the better overall piece in terms of threat and overall tanking.

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