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Thread: Hi again, need more advice

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    Hi again, need more advice

    Post like a few weeks ago here and followed all the advice given to me, I'm better now, but I need evaluation.

    When will I be/Am I ready for SSC?

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    Not bad!

    my advice to you would be to get the badge legs/belt([item]Girdle of the fearless[/item][item]sunguard legplates[/item]) and get 3 epic stam gems from the vendor and stick them in.

    also pick up the [item]brooch of deftness[/item],[item]Slikk's Cloak of Placation[/item] and maybe even the [item]warbringer shoulderguards[/item].

    the badge ring certainly would not go astray but for the life of me i cant remember its name! (haha)

    awesome guild name btw!

    and as for the "am i ready" thing, can i point you in the direction of Vene's tanking blog, specifically this post: Am I ready for this instance? - Warriors - TankingTips.com

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    Personally I think you could OT ssc trash fine right now. Your armor and stam are fine, think you will need some more threat stats to get a tanking job on a boss. Try for shard of contempt or any other piece of gear you can mix and match that has hit or expertise on it.

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