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Thread: Gear wise, how far can I go into end game content?

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    Gear wise, how far can I go into end game content?

    I am a bit confused and taken back by the responses and information I get when attempting to get further into raiding content..I've Spent countless hours reading here and from what I've read my gear is fine for MT'ing Kara, heroics and maybe a tad bit further.

    I gain a sense of comfort about proceeding after reading here but then I run across group after group in game who refuse to even do a heroic run without the tank being full out epic.

    I am guildless atm because the guilds I have been in either had their chosen tanks picked out already or were wishy washy about raiding.
    I have managed to have really good luck going with some friends on their semi pug kara's but have yet to find a guild I can comfortably call home. This is kinda putting a damper on things

    Anyways my question at this point is this. Gear wise how deep into endgame content can I go without putting a strain on healing resources or putting the group in jepordy?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I do have monroes lucky pocket watch and a few other trinket options.
    I know the Madness trinket isnt the best option but it was the easiest achieveable after htiting 70 (3-4 weeks ago)

    I have yet to replace my blue boots and gloves.. any suggestions on a route to go witht hose two items?

    And one last question about cloak enchant. With my current stats should I leave the dodge on it or replace it with 120 armor?

    I appreciate any responces that may follow.

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    For gloves, gather up some badges and buy [item]Bonefist Gauntlets[/item]. Keep your cloak enchant as you have plenty of EH but some more avoidance wouldn't hurt. For boots I believe you need to look into Karazhan.

    But overall, you're ready to get into 25man raids. However, people do expect you to be dressed in badge goodies as they're that good.
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    I'd get the badge belt first. CGotI is just so damn bad. 16 str and 20 br...so many wasted itemization points.

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    KZ gives you two options on boots (Battlescar/Elusion) and the latter seem to drop quite regularly.

    If madness is a week point you could look at the 41 badge blocker, save up for the vengence deck (I did, even with the engineering trinkets). I'd personally farm Heroic MGT as it has two trinkets that would be nice for you. Shadow labs & Shattered halls also has a useful ones as well.
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    You'd be fine in most of SSC/TK and are about borderline to MT Zul'Aman.

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    Hey there... I've actually got the gnomeregan autoblocker 600.. I mainly use with groups that are pretty high agro.. I have a monroes pocket watch and a few of the blues that have randon stats..

    As far as the boots of elusion not been lucky yet.. Have made it a point to clear all trash too just havnt got them yet.. Working on badge gloves and belt now..

    I appreciate the information all you guys gave... Gives me an idea of where the boundaries are at this point... I appreciate it much!

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    In your current gear you should be fine through SSC/TK, most if not all of ZA.

    As for upgrades, I would go for these in more or less this order:

    [Bonefist Gauntlets]
    [Commendation of Kael'thas]
    [Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx]
    [Boots of Elusion]

    or [Battlescar Boots]
    or [Red Havoc Boots]
    or [Jungle Stompers] (I prefer these, and Nalorakk is a pushover)
    [Girdle of the Fearless]
    [Sunguard Legplates]
    [Chestplate of Stoicism]
    [Ring of the Stalwart Protector]

    At some point you should also pick up:

    [Shard of Contempt]
    [Warbringer Greathelm]
    [Warbringer Shoulderguards]

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    Ahhh Thank you...What a great list.. Sould stay busy quite a while.

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