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Thread: suggestions appreciated regarding my gear

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    suggestions appreciated regarding my gear

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    looking for any suggestions for improvement

    currently in a progression guild working on SSC, mt kara gruul mag no prob (za as well)

    seems my biggest issue is threat, i average about 700ish on a boss so i made some changes (Guild leader called me a meat shield!, said my threat was low and should be around 1-1.2k which I havent been able to constantly obtain yet)

    sso ammy and shield which was a side grade

    girdle of fearless ( had the 60 badge ones previously)

    EDIT: I know I have the h underbog stam trinket, leave me alone the pocket watch is yet to drop! I was also going to use the H mrt dps trinket given the huge expertise but from what I have read 25ish expertise is the most beneficial

    this is an alt that I've started to use more and more so I'd like to make sure I'm gearing him correctly

    any and all suggestions appreciated
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