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Thread: [H - PVE] Reawaken 4/6 SWP lf Prot. War/Paly

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    [H - PVE] Reawaken 4/6 SWP lf Prot. War/Paly

    We are currently looking for a Prot spec Warrior and Paladin.

    Full T6 Sunwell-ready gear strongly preferred.

    Reawaken is a Horde guild on the US PvE server Staghelm, in Central time. We’re a small, tight-knit guild geared around endgame PvE progression 4/6 SWP. Our members are composed entirely of exceptionally competent, serious raiders, and we have the results to prove it. Our raid DPS is consistently ranked in the top 40 worldwide (via WWS parses), and all our members have a strong belief in consistently raising the bar for our guild accomplishments.

    Which is why we’re looking for a specific type of player to join us. We’re looking for highly motivated, dedicated players to add to our roster. We’re not looking for players who are simply good at their class, we want raiders who are outstanding, who understand every aspect of their class, and constantly work to improve their game even further. We intend to be among the first guilds progressing into Sunwell, and we want like-minded players willing to help us in that goal. If any of this sounds like the type of thing you’re interested in, here’s the details:

    Our general raid times are Sunday -> Thursday, 7pm – 11pm (CST). At present, we are only doing full 25man raids five days a week. We clear ZA most every reset, along with alt runs of SSC, TK, and Karazhan. We typically raid in a relaxed atmosphere, but with a firm emphasis on sustained efficiency. We expect our members to come prepared to our raids, meaning you are responsible for your own consumables.

    Our loot system is (as far as we know) unique to Reawaken, and we believe it is one of the strengths of the guild. We run a hybridized loot council system, where you create “lists” of the items you are most interested in. New members are not placed in a situation where they’ll be constantly passed over for loot, and the net result is fairly equitable distribution of loot to all members. We do maintain an 80% attendance as a part of our loot system. It’s a different approach, entirely homegrown by Reawaken, and we like it quite a bit.

    If you'd like more information, come on our forums at Reawaken Guild or feel free to contact myself (Trushott), Lokoshkan, Madmantwo, or Jarlyn in-game.
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