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Thread: Who wants to put up a nice Heroic Sunwell guide?

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    Who wants to put up a nice Heroic Sunwell guide?

    In the spirit of Kaz' guide!

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    i r lazy @ screenies T_T

    I only just took the pics for my guide too, zomg.
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    I don't think I'm up to writing an entire guide, but I'll post a few things I learned the hard way tonight.


    Mostly the same deal as on Reg, with two notable exceptions (that I picked up on at least). First, the glaive throw that the Mage Guards do is entirely capable of 1-shotting a cloth wearer. They are almost a "must CC" mob. I found that even facing them away from the party, they would sometimes turn around and chuck a glaive. Second, the Blood Knights heal for a TON. CC them if at all possible.

    One other thing of note as far as trash is concerned is that the pull before Kael, which is a 6-pull on Reg, is only a 5-pull on Heroic.

    Selin Fireheart

    Same as on Reg, and same tactics apply. Steamroll him.


    Instead of 1 spark every 15%, on Heroic he summons 2 sparks. We found that the key to Vex on Heroic was sloooooow DPS. Since there are two sparks, you can't alternate to avoid the stacking debuff effectively. What we did was kill the sparks as soon as they popped, then DPSed the next 15% of his health down slow enough that the 30 second debuff timed out before the next wave of sparks was summoned, and thus the debuff wouldn't stack. Vex's damage output is fairly trivial, so there's no problem with taking your time killing him.

    Priestess Delrissa

    Didn't notice any difference strategically between Reg and Heroic. They all just hit harder and take longer to die. Depending on your group makeup, and who you perceive to be the biggest threat, assign your CC targets. Whatever is left free, focus fire down. It's an aggro-less encounter, so toss on your DPS gear. We had both the MS warrior and the rogue, so we kept them CCed. That left the Mo'arg, the Ethereal mage, and the Priestess. We focus-fired the mage first, then the Mo'arg, then the Priestess, and then cleaned up the warrior and the rogue. I recommend killing the Priestess last (except for CC targets). Her damage is fairly low, and while she will get a heal or two off on the mob you are burning down, the heals themselves are pretty negligible and don't make a whole lot of difference.


    He's a pushover on Reg. Not so on Heroic. As you would expect, his offensive spells deal more damage. He also summons the pheonix at a higher frequency. However, the biggest thing is that he will cast a shield, and immediately after start to cast a pyroblast (cast time was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 seconds, maybe a little longer). The pyroblast was hitting me for slightly over 45k damage.

    I'm not sure if this is scripted into the fight or if it was just our bad luck, but on every attempt, as soon as he summoned the second pheonix, he would immediately cast the shield and start casting the pyroblast. This left us in a catch 22 type of position. If the party focused on burning the shield down in time for me to interrupt the pyroblast, 2 or 3 of them would subsequently die from pheonix damage. If they focused on the pheonix, they would kill it and stay alive, but I'd take a 45k pyroblast to the face, after which Kael would simply fry the rest of the party with Fireballs.

    Our solution was to have everybody on the pheonix, and I popped Shield Wall and ate the pyroblast for around 10k damage. At our level of DPS, Kael only had time to shield/pyro once (immediately after summoning pheonix #2). Right after that he was below 50% health and into the anti-gravity phase, at which point it's smooth sailing, as he no longer summons the pheonix or does the shield/pyroblast.

    Without a warrior tank (and thus having Shield Wall available) I imagine this would be a very very painful encounter.
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    For the Kael fight, we found dpsing him down prior to the second Phoenix, and therefore the pyro, was the way to go. The first phoenix will kill itself like the ones in TK do, so just kite it a bit / avoid it and then have ranged dps switch over to the egg. This should raise your dps time on Kael a good amount and hopefully allow you to not get a pyro. Also, you don't really need a tank sub 50% if worse comes to worse. A pally could also bubble the pyro...really it's just feral druids that get the shaft.

    For the Priestess fight, we found you could reset the add combination by zoning in, /tar for each potential add to find out what you had, then zone back out, break group, and reform. If you're light on CC or pvp gear, this could help you avoid some of the nastier combinations (rogue / MS warrior / shaman + anything is brutal). Clearly you have to do this at the start of the run, but a little planning ahead never hurt.

    Edit: For the second boss, the easiest solution we found was to have the tank kill the flares. I was one-two shotting them in full tank gear, so dps did not have to slow too much. This kept the majority of the damage on the MT, which is normally easier to heal. Also, it gave me the +damage dealt buff, which then boosts my threat cap back up to offset the time spent killing flares.

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    As horrible as this sounds... one of the main strats ("sacrifice" strat) for the Kael boss in heroic is to let the MT eat the Pyro, since no tanking is needed after 50% anyway. So if you can't DPS him enough to avoid the Pyro (which is possible) then just die :-/

    Also, if you're at least T4/T5 geared with good players, leave 1 person on Kael and let the other two down the Pheonix and egg. We did this last night. Kept a rogue on Kael with me to alternate with spell reflect to prevent all of his fireballs therefore making the encounter much easier to heal.
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    Have you tried spell reflect? Seems obvious, but wasn't mentioned...

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    Yeah, I tried it last night. Ate 42K to my FACE.
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    Yeah, Spell Reflect does not work at all.

    We didn't have nearly enough DPS to get Kael down to 50% before the second pheonix and the shield/pyro, so we were stuck with that trifecta of phail. On the attempts we did during my SW cooldown we tried the "sacrifice the MT" strat, but again the DPS wasn't high enough to get him down to 50% before frying the rest of the party with fireballs after I was dead.

    Had our DPS been higher, I'm sure that strat would have worked just fine. And of course getting him down before the second pheonix and avoiding that mess entirely would be optimal.
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    Iíve done the heroic 3 times now, and the regular a good 8-9 for keying runs, and Iíve never seen a pyro. We have FAR FAR more trouble with the second boss. We put one ranged on the egg, and heís at 50% before the phoenix is dead. DPS the egg with ranged from the sky, and poof, EZmode.

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    While shield reflect may not work on Kael's pyro, it works on his fireballs and can be used to tank the caster trash earlier in the instance.

    On second boss, Vexallus, it seemed like my [item]Darkmoon Card: Vengeance[/item] may have been killing the adds and causing me to get their debuff. I did not use TC while the mobs were up (to the best of my knowledge), so the card seems to be the likely culprit. I scrolled through the combat log and noticed I was taking damage from Energy Feedback (this is the debuff the Pure Energy adds cast upon death). After un-equipping the trinket, we had no further problems. Can anyone else confirm/deny this theory?

    Next time I will bring my [item]Violet Badge[/item]!
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    I wore my [item]violet badge[/item] and it didnt seem to do much at all...but then again my Scrolling combat text has yet to be i could have been resisting and not realized it.
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    I put on like 200 AR. It was ok. The dmg ticks are not affected by resist, I think. But his attacks are.
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    I haven't gotten to try this yet, but another tank I know said he popped Shield Wall and Last Stand when Kael began casting the Pyroblast. He said with the additional 30% health and 75% damage reduction, the 45,000 damage Pyroblast is very survivable, as long as the healer is keeping up on heals.

    I've found the more difficult part of that fight is the stress on the healer while we're floating in zero gravity. It seemed like our paladin had a real tough time avoiding everything and keeping up on healing the damage Kael was doing.

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    2nd Boss:

    Like Masterwolf I dug out my arcane res greens from my bank, managed to get to about 250 (including druid buff), this seemed to help a lot, I thunderclapped every second set of adds and got some of the debuffs - had a tauren-sized gnome at the end of it

    Also, remind your mages to take on the early adds and then ice block after the third debuff - well my little fire mage in her non-existant stamina gear couldn't survive anymore than three debuffs, but it helps a lot being able to get rid of some of them.

    Both times I've had an off-healer class (enhance shammy and moonkin) step in and help heal as soon as the first set of adds are down, this helps alot as dps isn't really the issue.
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    I tried to Shield Wall and Last Stand in the face of the pyroblast. It reduced the damage 11,000 and I survived! So there is a way through it if you miss the interrupt (which I did).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bosephus View Post
    I tried to Shield Wall and Last Stand in the face of the pyroblast. It reduced the damage 11,000 and I survived! So there is a way through it if you miss the interrupt (which I did).
    That's what I did the first couple of times through.

    Since then though I've moved to having someone kite the pheonix while everyone else stays on Kael, as was suggested earlier in the thread. Doing that, it's pretty easy to DPS him down past 50% before the second pheonix, thereby avoiding the shield/pyro altogether.
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    -> Guess we don't bring many squishies, because in 7 heroic runs I've yet to see a Mage/Lock get 1-shotted by a Glaive Throw. We don't CC the mage guards, we tank them.

    -> We don't CC the Bloodguards either, but tank them out of LOS from the kill target. Bash the heals.

    -> Depending on the amount of CC available, we prioritize casters first for kills. Sisters of Torment, Warlocks, Magisters, Physicians are our canditates for kills in that order. If we can CC them, we CC the Sisters and Magisters first, then Physicians, and kill the Locks.

    -> If an imp is up, we absolutely kill that first. Unattended they burn down our healers every time. Since they fall over, just have a DPS kill it while everything else is picked up.

    -> We let our rogue, or druid, kill the first caster. Our healer is always able to keep up both a melee DPS on a caster and me tanking whatever else is around.

    -> Magisters/Physicians are our primary CC targets. If can't CC Magister then burn it down first. Otherwise, we typically take out the Warlock first. Warlocks are easy to LOS pull and don't really do that much damage.

    -> The Ethereals and Witches aren't too dangerous to leave loose, but on the final pull to Kael I like to either tank the Ethereal out of LOS from the group, or burn him down early, as the AOE in that hallway can suck.

    -> Agree on Selin, just burn down, ignore the crystals.

    -> On second boss DPS until the two pure energies add, kill them, wait for debuffs to wear off, repeat until he overloads at which point we burn cooldowns and kill him. A second healer (off-spec is fine) makes this much easier to do in a controlled fashion. Zerging him usually left us dead at ~10% unless we got lucky (I finished him off the solo last 3% one time).

    -> 3rd Boss it all depends on the makeup. The Warlord is nasty nasty so he's first CC target. After that it depends on what CC remaining matches up to the lineup. This is a really tough fight without any CC unless you're extremely skilled/overgeared.

    -> Shield Wall works on Pyro, as noted. Have yet to see a group burn through the shield and interrupt, so if the Pyro reaches halfway I pop Shield Wall, otherwise die.

    -> A second phoenix, as well as Pyro, can be avoided by getting him to 50% within a minute.

    -> Our lock likes to kite the phoenix up the ramp behind Kael, and when the egg spawns all DPS gets on it unless we're caster heavy (usually melee heavy).

    -> During lapse, fly to the door, wait, swim over purple spheres of death to kael and just

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    Ran this on Heroic almost every day since it was released, here's some random tips:

    -CC priority (reason): Blood Knight (heals), Smuggler (early shadowstep + aoe = losing agg to a healer), Mage Guard (bubble/glaive), Coliskar Witch (Chain Lighting)

    -Have the Warlocks' imps burned by a rage dps immediately into the pull. One less thing to worry about. If there's a Sister of Torment in pull, one player burns the imp while all other dps burns the sister. She doesn't need to be tanked.

    -The warlock should generally be second or third on the kill list. It's more important to take out the Physician. In the mean time the tank should have plenty of threat from the lock's spell being reflected.

    -Prayer of Mending jumps to sheeped enemy sheep. WTF.

    -A Warrior Tank, 2 Mages, a lock, and a healer absolutely trivialize the entire instance. Cherry-picking groups ftw.

    First Boss:
    -Don't even bother touching the crystals. All out DPS on the boss at all times.

    -His AoE after taking the crystal is going to hit everyone no matter where they are in the room, as far as I know.

    -Even though you won't be damaging the crystals, the tank should move him from crystal to crystal. Otherwise, the tank is going to lose some threat generation while the boss charges around from crystal to crystal.

    -If you have healing issues and a resto shaman or holy priest have your entire group clump up behind the boss to make their multi-target heals more effective.

    Second Boss:
    -You need one or more of: Mage, Rogue, Warlock AND Hunter, or multiple healers. Not having at least one, if not two of the things in that list is going to make the boss very difficult. Mages can generally take 4 debuffs (as in 2 sets of 2 flares) before ice blocking. Same for rogues and CoS. A decently geared warlock can drain life through the debuffs but at the expense of losing valuable dps during the overload. Hunters and locks can use their pets to eat the debuff and die.

    -If your group is around the full-T5 level DPS may be fast enough to have almost no time between flare spawns. If that's the case DPS will have to be slowed a bit. However, DPS must go all out and blow cooldowns around 25% to burn through his Overload at 20%.

    Third Boss:
    -This is a PvP battle, gear and act accordingly.

    -Don't forget to pull the pairs of mobs on either side of the room first.

    -The hunter's pet IS tankable.

    -Burning the boss first is usually the easiest method.

    -In the middle of the room where the 3rd boss is there are two columns. Everyone but the tank should hide behind these columns during the pull. This LoS will prevent spell casts, charging, shadowstepping, polymorphing, etc. A priest/lock/warrior can then fear the now clumped-up mobs. At this point CC'ing can begin.

    -He casts his Pyroblast EXACTLY 1 minute into the battle and ONLY if he hasn't done gravity lapse yet. This is important for two reasons. If you can DPS him fast enough he won't pyroblast at all. Secondly think of a spell where 1 minute is significant...CURSE OF DOOM. Putting this on right after the fight starts will blow away half of his shield as soon as he throws it up, making burning down the rest and interrupting trivial.

    -Save your last stand/shield wall for Pyroblast.

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    Have this place down to clean sweep on normal, and currently getting almost to where we can clean sweep it on heroic.

    Team is mix of PvP/Crafted/Kara gear.

    Trash Tips

    Most the trash has been covered excellently by others.

    A personal insight is try to get a warlock for MGT if you can. A single warlock can make the 2nd half of the instance almost trivial. Have the warlock enslave a sister and have the sister attack the mob-warlock and the party lock toss a few dots on him. This will usually leave the sister alive, as well as leave your warlock available for chain fearing another mob or doing dps.

    Also remind your rogues to use blind on mobs when sap breaks, 10-secs of free cc can be very handy.

    Tips for Vexallus
    Buy a green set of arcane resist gear, and probably a few cheapo magic resist pots. Only cost me around 20g to get a resist gear set *don't forget an offhand ;P* AR= 252, w/ pot 302. Significantly cuts down his melee dmg and takes some of the strain off your healer.

    Between a cheapo AR set and the tips others have provided this fight becomes almost trivial.

    You can also use the set for Curator as well if you're OT.

    Priestess Tips

    Use all the cc you have available, and definitely make use of fear here. Burn down targets one by one as best you can. Experience with this fight makes it much easier imo.

    Pop improved bloodrage, shield reflect, and then go for kael - free 5-7k dmg. Keep your rotation up and try to reflect as many fireballs as possible. If kael puts fireblast? *rotating glyph* right on the tank/melee try to pull him away but also keep in mind where pheonix is.

    All dps should stay on kael till phoenix. When phoenix pops just have a ranged dps kite it around and try to kill it. If needed have 1 other dps assist in killing the egg then back on kael. The back ramp I find is usually ideal for the kiting location.

    I find getting the egg down and Kael to 50% around the same time to be a key part of this fight. Doing this I've never had to deal with a 2nd phoenix.

    If you can't get him to 50% before pyro, just use LS + SW.

    Phase 2 is exactly like normal.

    Hope this helps


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    edited 4/17

    A lot of this probably has been posted elsewhere. Caviat i have is that my perspective is from a warrior tank one. I feel warriors shine in this instance far better than druids and paladins....predominantly from their anti-caster abilities: Spell Reflect, Shield Bash (Improved Shield bash is even better), and Concussion blow. Spell reflect is particularly nice because you can effectively range tank some casters and mitigate spell damage taken.

    There's a wealth of information at Magisters' Terrace - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

    Gear Requirements
    • I'd say a minimum of T4/Badge gear mix is necessary. (Normal mode i would say the best pre-kara or lower kara gear equivalency minimum.)
    • 200+ Ar gear necessary for second boss
      [item]Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate[/item]
      [item]Enchanted Adamantite Leggings[/item]
      [item]Enchanted Adamantite Boots[/item]
      [item]Enchanted Adamantite Belt[/item]
      [item]Cloak of Arcane Evasion[/item] with +15 Arcane Resist enchant
      [item]violet badge[/item]
      [item]Blood Knight Defender[/item]

    • AoE Tanking Gear/Items
      [item]petrified lichen guard[/item]
      [item]felsteel shield spike[/item]
      [item]darkmoon card: vengeance[/item]
      [item]stormchops[/item] (i think this will stack with druid thorns)
      [item]crystal spire[/item] (doesn't stack with druid thorns)
      [item]ez-thro dynamite II[/item]

    A lot depends on what CC you have available.

    My preference on priorities is as follows:
    • Mage => Poly Magister (MC and Secude will not work on magisters)
    • Warlock => Enslave Sister of Torment otherwise seduce a target...depending on what other CC is available. Seducing i feel is somewhat unreliable due to damage output of mobs which can easily kill the succubus.
    • Priest (non-healing) => Mind Control Warlock ( or Mage Guard?)
    • Hunter => Trap Mage Guard or ethereal smuggler
    • Rogue => Priority on sap depends on what other CC is available

    CC Priority
    If a poly is availble....the magister i tend to have as the top CC priority there.

    I generally have the Mageguard, etherium smuggler, and Coilskar witch as the top priorities for other forms of CC as they have AOE type effects which adversly affect your group.

    DPS Priority
    Line of sight (LOS) pulls are key to leading off. There really isnt any pull that you can't LOS.

    Setting up a dps priority is largely based off what CC you have available. MUST consider the strengths and weaknesses of the class of the healer you have bringing in with you. Generally speaking, this instance can be difficult for a solo shaman healer and is even less suitable for a paladin healer.

    My personal priority (Provided you have 2 forms of CC available):
    Imp --> Sister of Torment --> Bloodknight --> Magister --> Etherium Smuggler
    --> Sunblade Warlock --> Coilskar Witch --> Mageguard
    --> Sunblade Physician

    I should note that some groups that go in interrupt heavy (shaman(s), rogue(s) tend to CC the bloodknight and focus on killing off the casters first since they can interrupt their spells (nullifying their damage output) and are squishy.
    • Both the imp and sister can be killed very quickly. If you have a lock...better to enslave the sister than to banish it. And the imp dies in a couple of hits so why bother wasting the time to keep it banished.
    • After that i have the bloodknight as a high dps priority for 2 reasons:
      1) He can near full heal any mob. This is the primary reason to just burn him down and completly remove him from the group.
      2) The judgement of his holy wrath buff puts a killer dot on you or someone in your party. ( I did not see what it could tick for on heroic....on normal i think it ticks around 1.5k evey 2 seconds?)
    • Magister is a huge threat if he cannot be cc'd because he has a stacking buff that increases cast speed by 10%, stacking up to 10 times. It can be dispelled (Pri, War Shield Slam, Htr Aimed Shot) or purged by a shaman. It can also be spell stole by a mage. If he's not polyed, he's usually next in line for being killed.
    • While the warlock spells can hurt....spell reflect makes him hurt a little less while causing a decent amount of damage to him as well as maintain agro. Provided some of the other higher threat mobs are being cc'd (mageguard, ethereum smuggler), the warlock falls next.
    • Smuggler, witch and mage guard all have some kind of annoying aoe and i usually relegate those to CC if i can. Maintain CC on them as long as you can otherwise they jump to a higher kill priority
    • While the physician is a healer...he's got a relatively weak renew and prayer of mending. Fairly negligable IMO compared to the healing capability of the blood knight. On's his poison dagger that makes him a threat, but a druid/sha/paladin can take care of that.

    Trash in Selin Fireheart's Room (Boss 1)

    Wretched Bruiser --> Wretched Husk --> Wretched Skulker

    AoE tanking for this. They hit pretty light on plate. Bruisers first because of the healing debuff they can place on you. After that is the Husks as they are casters. While you can AoE this on normal...isnt quite recommended that you do this on heroic and that you just burn them down one at a time.

    Selin Fireheart (Boss 1)
    Threat gear for this fight.

    Main difference on heroic is that he now also has a mana drain ability which can suck your healer dry if you let it go full channel. Interrupts for both his life drain and mana drain highly recommended.

    There's 2 approaches:
    1) Ignore dps on crystals...focus on killing him and interrupts.
    2) Kill crystals

    For normal mode, both are viable stratagies. It largely depends on your healer on which strat you decide to do. Killing the crystals diminishes how much mana and damage buffage selin gets, which in turn dimishes how much healing is necessary from the period between his crystal siphoning is finished to when he's depeleted his mana.

    On heroic...the first option is preferred because it is likely for him to fill up on mana before you're done killing the crystal as they have more HP than on normal, making the healing requirement the same as had you just ignored the crystal. Thus, damage being done would be better applied to burning him down furthur.

    Be mindful of his mana drain as he can still cast that while he's exploding, thereby increasing how long he maintains his aoe damage bursts.

    Clumping is recommended for group healing (Priest: Prayer of healing, Shaman: Chain Heal).

    Paladin healers may struggle on this fight due to not having group heal abilities or hots.

    Trash before Vexallus (boss 2)
    AoE tanking again. Your dps'ers need to be patient if they want to AoE, otherwise they die, quickly followed by the healers from the heal agro.

    Hunters....recommend you use snake traps. They benefit from the damage increase buff! =)

    Vexallus (Boss 2)
    Arcane Resist gear helps a lot on this fight as his melee damage is arcane magic based. I'd recommend 200+ Arcane resist, the more the better.

    Resists wont mitigate the dot you can get from killing the sparks nor will it resist his overload ability at the end. This is an extremely mana intensive fight for your anything you can do to help reduce the amount of healing you need goes a long way.

    If you loads up / cap on Arcane Resist (which i think would be around 355/360 if he's a lvl 71 / 72 elite), it may be advised that you take a few sparks to help with threat (added damage plus rage generation from the dot) as you would be mitigating a lot of damage from his melee resists.

    In both Heroic and normal mode, this isn't a sprint. Take it slow. Dpser's use default attacks / wand damage only.

    Difference on heroic is that you now have 2 sparks to deal (at 15% intervals), instead of 1.

    You can use pets to eat sparks as a buffer from the dot damage. Hunter snake traps works well for spark absorbing too. Shamans can use searing totems and hope they'll hit the spark. Rogues can CoS and mages can Ice Block to remove debuffs from sparks.

    (Need confirmation) Was informed that if a tank has direct damage reflect type buffs going (Stormchops, Ret Aura, Vengeance trinket), it is possible he can kill sparks and pick up the debuff. (Pros and cons to this).

    Sheild wall at the end when he starts overloading can help your healer focus on keeping the dps alive.

    Trash, trash, and a bit more trash......

    Priestess Delrissa (Boss 3)
    The worst and most frustrating fight for a tank. I had a rant here but removed it. General gist was that a PvP encounter does not belong in a PvE instance...period.

    The positive of this encounter is that you can see the lineup after the first couple of trashpulls into the instance. If the matchup is's possible to reset the instance and try to get a more favorable setup.

    There really isn't a firm guide to this fight as a lot hinges on what group adds you get along with the group you have. Generally speaking...CC as much as you can and focus on killing Delrissa first. Interrupt her flash heal...dispel/spellsteal her renew and bubbles. If you have a shaman ...recommend earthbind, grounding, and Poison cleasing (if you have the rogue add) as your totems for this encounter.

    Use whatever tricks you have available as well:
    [item]Magic Dust[/item]
    [item]greater ward of shielding[/item] or [item]lesser ward of shielding[/item]
    [item]lesser rune of warding[/item]
    [item]gnomish poultryizer[/item]
    [item]drums of panic[/item]
    [item]drums of restoration[/item]
    [item]heavy netherweave net[/item]

    Having 2 mages can really give your group a high chance of one shotting it. Warlocks are good as well because of a 1 in 4 chance of a banish target and varying forms of fear.

    Hunters are at a bit of a disadvantage for this fight as they cant control what goes into a trap. Best advice is the have the hunter place it between the pillars of the atrium at the start of the fight and you pull, then run behind a pillar and try to get one of them to run across it. After that..the hunter keeps traps at the feet of the healer or himself (in my case..i prefer he keep it at himself than at the healer to keep it away from me and my whirlwind).

    Rogues...while you can can't stay stealthed when the encounter starts. Tanks take NOTE: If you have a rogue in your group, tell them to circle wide back to the group and wait till their at least half way back before you pull.

    This has been a confirmed part of the encounter via a Blue Post:
    This is an intended part of the encounter, rogues should be removed from stealth when the NPCs are engaged. have a different role in this fight:

    Warriors = go fury set up (and hopefully you have the gear for it). hamstring, fear, concussion blow. Zerker stance / zerker rage as needed. Avoid your WW if you're using CC.

    Druids = you could either go kitty form or dps gear in bear form for some survivability.

    Paladins = I'd prolly say switch to heal gear and help keep your group alive. your prot talents as well as being in plate and having a shield should help migitate the attention you get

    The last trash pull
    After defeating delrissa, you have one more trash pull to deal with before Kael. This is probably the hardest trash pull to do in the instance as it's 6 mob + minion(s).

    This is arguably the hardest trash clear you have to do. You can fear bomb as needed as Kael won't be active until all the mobs are dead.

    Threat gear. Pop autoblocker to start the fight for burst threat...hunter misdirect...etc. I use the autoblocker + shard of contempt as my 2 trinks for this fight (i got the shard on my first run thru on heroic...luckily. now just to get the commendation =P )

    The difference between Kael on normal and heroic is what i consider an imbeded dps check for the group due to the added pyroblast ability on heroic that can one shot the tank. He casts a shield on himself before he starts casting it. It is possible to interrupt the cast if you're able to dps hard enough to get through the shield in time.

    You want to get him to 50% before he starts channeling this ability. With sufficient HP, last stand and shield wall (provided your health is topped off), it's possible for a warrior tank to survive this ability.

    Warrior's spell reflect ability shines here to help dps him down. Shield bash also shines for added damage avoidance. If you're using interrupts (kick, shocks, counterspell, grounding totem), i highly suggest you coordinate so as to not waste spell reflect.

    Once you get him to phase 2 (gravity lapse), the key is the same in both normal and heroic: stay away from the orbs and burn hard when you're back on the ground.

    Warrior tanks, use your stances effectively:
    DW / Zerker stance has been suggested for when kael is resting between gravity laspes (he'll take increased damage during this period) and use defensive stance for when gravity lapse is occuring (to reduce damage taken from gravity lapse dot).

    This fight sucks for Shaman and paladin healers to solo heal regardless of gear level (shaman healer for the top guild horde side on my server said as much, so i've been told).
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