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Thread: Next Glove upgrade?

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    Next Glove upgrade?

    On the subject of glove upgrades.

    I have the [item]Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden[/item] and [item]Bonefist Gauntlets[/item]. I find the Bonefist get worn almost all the time, they have more EH and the increased hit rating. The SBV on the Maidens is not looking so hot in comparison. The lost Defense is not a issue.

    So if out of those 2 Bonefist are the best, what is the next best upgrade to Bonefists?

    My content reach is Mag/SSC/TK. I saw [item]royal gauntlets of silvermoon[/item] -TK (Kael'thas Sunstrider). But thats about it, plus if I switch to them I loose the one peice that gives me a jump in my parry %.

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    If you are not willing to part with Parry, then I believe the next gloves to drop for you with Parry would be the "Borderland Fortress Grips" But…..that drops from Felmyst in Sunwell.

    So you will sooner or later make adjustments with your gear. Progression in gear ranking is something we all must do.

    Your next "natural" step would be the Royal Guantletts but if you didn't want to part ways then and take those, your next step would be the Onslaught Handguards from BMH or you could wait and get the two from BT. Grips of Silent Justice or Guantlets of Enforcement.

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    I'm guessing you're a warrior? [item]Destroyer Handguards[/item] are nice - decent mix of survivability and threat in one. Most destroyer pieces (exception being the bad helm) are itemized quite well.

    But if you're looking for purely max health, you'll be keeping Bonefist on until Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon.
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