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Thread: Where to go from here???

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    Where to go from here???

    Hey everyone I need some major input/help. Our guilds MT just quit playing the game and I have been forced into the roll of MT (former DPS/Fury Warrior) and I have no clue as to witch direction I should take my gear. Our guild has Kara mostly on "farm status" and we are staring to undertake ZA runs. We have cleared the bear boss and the bird boss, but we usually call the run after those and really haven't progressed much further.

    I am looking for some input of what gear should I be looking at getting or tweaking my build so that I am a better tank for my guild. The gear that I am wearing is currently the best Tank gear I could get that was passed on by our 2 previous MT's.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    As of right now I am slightly loss as to where to go seeing I have never had to be the MT, and understanding all the formula's and intricacy of being a tank.

    Thanks again, any and all help is appreciated.


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    Well, you've definitely come to the right place. All the info and number crunching can seem really overwhelming, but revisit the same library forums a couple of times, after you've experienced something, something in them that didn't click before might make more sense. Your gear doesnt look bad at all, as you've probably gathered just about every boss in kara drops something "tanky" and you pretty much want the whole lot

    A couple of suggestions:
    - Although you've got your tier hands, if maiden drops hers - scoop them up too.
    - Ideally you want a stamina trinket instead of the +def one, either commendation from heroic MgT, Darkmoon card vegeance.
    - have a look at Bergs tank gear list (under the gear forums) and start trying to decide on what to spend your badges on, ofc it may depend what drops in the meantime.
    - Spec-wise I would suggest dropping imp defensive stance - and maxing out thunderclap, imp bloodrage and cruelty - although thats a personal opinion.
    - Off the top of my head I can't think of a non-drop ring that could replace the green, Berg's list might shed some light, otherwise you'll just need to cross fingers.
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