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Thread: Hard to get into guild?

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    Hard to get into guild?

    Ok, so i've been taking a break for the past 3-4 months so I haven't had the chance to continuously work on my gear. I know what I need, how to get it and how long it will take. My main concern though is actually getting into a guild that is where I am in progression and will actually go somewhere progression wise.

    I want to see BT/MH all the way through before the expansion, but I am currently mid SSC/TK gear wise. In your guy's experience, is it hard to get into a guild that is moving quickly, but at that level that is looking for a tank?

    Basically, can I still get into a SSC/TK guild that is moving fast towards MH/BT?

    The World of Warcraft Armory for reference. Again, I know what I need, I can get it and reasonably fast.

    Thanks for any help,


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    Just run heroics all day every day until you get 300 something badges. You'll have mid BT quality gear and you can join any progressing BT guild that needs a tank.

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    App anyway. You'll be in their radar. Then come back later with better gear. Repeat as necessary.

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    Also, if you can, do some heroics or pug'd raids w/ the prospective guilds. (aka GL/Mag/Kara) Since a lot of progression guilds stop running those as scheduled events, after a while. That way, they can see you in action, as well as look at a guild application.
    However, don't pester them constantly about it. The easiest way to get into a raiding guild, is word of mouth, from players whom are already in the guild. (especially if their words carry some kind of weight. Be it officers, or otherwise) Also, your name among the community can act for or against you as well.

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