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Thread: Should I pick up any T5 set parts?

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    Should I pick up any T5 set parts?

    Hi guys,

    I am a tank in a small guild which has got ZA on farm for a while now and which recently formed a raiding alliance with another guild in order to experience 25-man content. It's going well so far, and we have been able to down Hydross and Lurker in a reasonable time frame.

    Now I'm wondering if I should pick up any T5 set pieces at all, or if I should better pass on them for the benefit of the rest of our raid, given my current equip. The EH calculator and raid zones minimum thread tell me I should be ready for the beginning of BT/ Hyjal, which lead me to this tought.

    Here's my armory link.

    I was thinking about picking up the T5 gloves and shoulders for the first set bonus and passing on the rest, but any input from you guys would be highly appreciated.
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    T5 shoulders are an upgrade over yours, but I wouldn't really bother with gloves and leggings. [item]Bonefist Gauntlets[/item] seem better than T5 and 2.4 badge leggins are clearly an upgrade over T5 leggings. I just don't see the point of "downgrading" your overall gear for the set bonus.
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    I must agree mostly with Crommi here , the T5 shoulders are defo a nice one to have apart from that its just the set bonus that you have to consider . Personally I have allso decides just to go for T5 gloves and shoulders for the first set bonus and pass on the rest for my guild , the second set bonus is really nice for threat build but just not worth the overall downgrade in gear

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I think I'll go for the Bonefist Gauntlets and the T5 shoulders then, and will pass on the rest.

    I was worried my relatively low block value might be an issue, which is why I was thinking about picking up two T5 parts for the first set bonus in the first place... But hey, I'm gonna leave AoE tanking to our prot pala anyway.

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