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Thread: TPS from WWS for druids and pallys

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    TPS from WWS. druid, paladin, warrior

    I made a wowwebstats parser to estimate tps which works for warriors, druids, and paladins. It works for english, spanish, french, and german reports.

    WowWebStats Tps Calculator

    I'm also building an index of tps reports by encounter/boss. I'm currently working on automatically filtering out bogus reports so it doesnt skew the aggregate statistics too much. The primary filters will depend on the wws calculated battle and dps time. Reports which dont have at least 30 seconds of dps time won't be indexed, as well as reports which have more than a ratio of 2:1 battle time:dps time. I also plan to have some minor class specific filtering to help identify reports where the player is blatantly doing dps or healing instead of tanking. I'm likely to tune these numbers and ratios.
    Indexed Fights

    If you have a bug to report, please include the url to the wws report which caused the bug.
    Feel free to convince me of an added feature you have in mind.

    I also need people to tell me which abilities shouldnt ever cause threat. For example, damage done from gruuls "Shatter", and healing from "Improved Leader of the Pack", I've completely filtered out from the results. Id like to do this for any other irrelevant entries as well. While you can filter these out of the calculation by using the checkboxes, if theres no reason they should ever be included, id like to just strip them out. List any you know of.

    If someone wants to help with chinese/korean translation, let me know, I just need a some names of certain abilities as they appear in the combatlog.

    *For those of you comparing this calc to the Coolyo[dot]org calc, I will explain the difference in results:
    -The coolyo calc does not track arbitrary sources of threat, while this one tracks anything that wws can pick up, so naturally tps will be a bit higher(but this is more accurate).
    -The coolyo calc uses an incorrect innate threat value for devastate. Devastate innate threat is 176 when 5 sunders are stacked. The coolyo calc uses 101, which is the old value before the devastate buff.
    -The coolyo calc uses an incorrect innate threat value for heroic strike. Heroic strike innate threat is currently 196, which corresponds to heroic strike rank 10. The coolyo calc uses 220, which is the estimated innate threat for heroic strike rank 11, which has never been available on live servers yet.
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    Going to move this to Theory to hopefully get a bit more time at the top and feedback on the numbers.

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    Still trying to find a calculator that works with localized reports... I was pleasantly surprised that WWS works pretty well with a german combat log, but haven't been able to find a TPS calc that does the same. Also, I'm too lazy to get the ruby script & runtime environment.

    If, by any chance, you plan to localize this one, do tell. I'd be more than happy to help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khordam View Post
    Still trying to find a calculator that works with localized reports...
    Try now, should work.
    It will probably fail if the report gets queued when wws gets busy though. Any chance you can tell me the message they display when a report is queued? for example, in english they display "Your report is being loaded".

    Whats the german message? be _exact_ please.

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    I've heard paladins generate 50% less threat per point of healing than other classes. Healing threat is already 50% of the amount healed. So, to properly calculate threat from pally healing effects while tanking(like, prayer of mending heals) would it be
    effective heal of 1000
    1000 x 0.5 x 0.5
    result 250 threat?

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    This is awesome. Can we get a frontpage announcement when we're sure on the accuracy of the results?

    Did I mention this is awesome?

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    Hey, I noticed that the wws URL changes based on how you get to your personal report for a particular encounter. For example, if I choose the encounter first, and then click my name I get this link:
    If I choose my name and then the encounter I get:
    which gives me an error when I submit it to your calculator.

    The only difference is "a=11" & "s=3791-4162" are transposed.

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    Thanks Davi. Should work now.

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    Ability Damage Ability Threat Total Threat Include
    Heldenhafter Sto� 29228 0 43696
    Schildschlag 22911 0 34252
    Verwüsten 18618 0 27834
    Swing 11864 0 17737
    Rache 7862 0 11754
    Romulos Gift 2000 0 2990
    Dornen 1431 0 2139
    Donnerknall 154 0 230

    Ability Effective Heal Threat Include
    Blühendes Leben 6401 4784
    Gebet der Besserung 5604 4189

    Total Threat Seconds TPS
    140632 267 527

    No Ablility Threat here


    Sry for format

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    I should probably clarify what is meant by "ability threat". I think base threat would probably be a more suitable name. If the ability has a flat amount of threat, that never changes regardless of the damage done, that would be base threat. A lot of warrior abilities have base threat, but in my very brief searching for druids and paladins, I didnt find any abilities with base threat for paladins, only threat modifiers. I found 3 abilities with base threat for druids, Lacerate=285, Maul=322, Faerie Fire=108. Hope those are correct.

    I'm trying to decide which statistics to show and which not. Im debating having that column at all.

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    No paladin ability has innate threat (which is the usual term), as far as I know.

    Your innate threat values for the druid abilities are correct for all but Faerie Fire (Feral). I have no idea what the correct value is, unfortunately.

    More here: The Druid Wiki » Druid_Game_Mechanics

    ಠ ,ಠ
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain - it's time to roll the dice

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    What Svotnik meant to say is that in german reports, innate threat is 0 for all warrior abilites I've encountered so far. See for example Khordam of Die Todeskrallen produced 449 tps where listed abilities are Heroic Strike, Swing (as in, white damage), Shield Slam, Devastate, Revenge, Thunderclap, Fire Shield and Cleave in that order, first to last. All of them register as having 0 innate threat, hence the low TPS result.

    I'll see if I can get hold of any german-language druid's and paladin's reports to compile a list of relevant ability names and their english equivalents.

    As for the exact "report loading" message, I can't get it to do that at the moment, but I'll report as soon as I see it.

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    Got those abilities translated so innate threat is working for those abilities in german. Now I need more translations for druids/paladins, in the other languages wws supports too. I've edited the first post with a list I need.

    Also, the broken characters should be displaying properly now.
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    German reports:

    Shield Slam=Schildschlag
    Thunder Clap=Donnerknall
    Heroic Strike=Heldenhafter Stoß
    Shield Bash=Schildhieb
    Intercept Stun=Betäubung durch Abfangen
    Mocking Blow=Spöttischer Schlag
    Mangle (Bear)=Zerfleischen (Bär)
    Holy Shield=Heiliger Schild
    Improved Leader of the Pack=Verbesserter Rudelführer

    French reports:

    Shield Slam=Heurt de bouclier
    Thunder Clap=Coup de tonnerre
    Heroic Strike=Frappe héroïque
    Shield Bash=Coup de bouclier
    Intercept Stun=Interception étourdissante
    Mocking Blow=Coup railleur
    Mangle (Bear)=Mutilation (ours)
    Holy Shield=Bouclier sacré
    Improved Leader of the Pack=Chef de la meute amélioré

    Can't find any other languages atm, and Allakhazam isn't being a great help at least with spanish.

    Also, WWS still won't queue me.

    By the way, you rock. Thanks for responding so quickly!

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    Thanks Khordam, I've added those.

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    TPS calculation for my paladin tank seems to work well and I like your output format.
    Thank you for this great work!

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    I think I found a small bug. Probably a rounding error
    Gardek of Dalaran produced 1212 tps

    Title reads "Gardek of Dalaran produced 1212 tps"
    But actual TPS listed is 1213.

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    If anyone can post a WWS report in Spanish I bet I could figure out what the majority of the skills are. . . if that's any help or not I dunno.

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    Trouble is, while you see what language a report is in the WWS listing, you cannot filter for it. So potentially, you could waste an hour looking for a spanish report only to find out that it had no warrior tank in it. =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardek View Post
    I think I found a small bug. Probably a rounding error
    Gardek of Dalaran produced 1212 tps

    Title reads "Gardek of Dalaran produced 1212 tps"
    But actual TPS listed is 1213.
    Thanks. It was indeed a rounding error.

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